Ecolink Tilt Sensor - reverse open/closed status reporting?

I have 2 of those. Both use a standard DH for Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor.
One is on the Garage Door that is correctly reporting open/closed status.
The other one is on my mailbox door, but had to be installed upside down, so it reports Open when it’s closed and Closed when it’s open.

What is the simplest way to reverse that mailbox reporting so that it correctly shows the status of that mailbox door? TIA

BTW: Hub 2, New App.

Good question. I am curious as well. I presume that would be a DH modification?

You’re correct, it would required a custom DTH to handle it, something like what this DTH does for Monoprice sensors with the N/C and N/O contacts: [RELEASE] Monoprice Door Window Mailbox Z-Wave Plus Sensor (Recessed/Mounted - 15268/15270/24259) with External Trigger Option and Tamper Device Handler (Official)

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