NYCE tilt sensor

OK this is how it all panned out for me. The Nyce tilt sensor is just to slow to report. 4 seconds might not seem like much but the next time you get your Mail count to yourself how long you leave the door open (i averaged 2 to 3 seconds). I think the nyce tilt sensor would be a great garage door sensor just not good for a mailbox… I next tried the smartthings multi, it was faster but still a delay. I had an open/close sensor from lowe’s and it was instant. So I put that inside my new plastic mailbox and everything works great. I did change out the magnet to a few earth magnets I had laying around and that gave a lot of play on how closed the mailbox had to be so now the door doesn’t have to be perfectly closed to show closed. Thanks to everyone that chimed in, this is an awsome forum. Any other group would think I’m crazy putting this amount of time into a mailbox.


On this forum, you’re crazy if your mailbox isn’t automated!


So I just received my tilt sensor via Amazon and have it recognized by the Hub. The only status it show, regardless of orientation is ‘Open’.

What have I done wrong?

• model: 3014
• application: 08
• manufacturer: NYCE
• endpointId: 01

Scott, I am having the same issue, it paired no problem, recognized the device. With the original device handler only shows open, replaced the original with the one NYCE has a link to on their site for tile sensor, still only shows Open no matter the orientation.

From what I can tell the vendor that shipped mine from Amazon labeled this device as “-HA” however it is the Iris version and not compatible with smart things.

Does anyone know if the NYCE Tilt Sensor is compatible with the V1 hub?

I got a hold of NYC, and with their help confirmed my unit was v1 which is not compatible with Smartthings.

I’ve returned my device to Amazon as the specs said it was compatible.

I’m only going to buy from NYCE via Amazon to ensure compatible.

Did the same thing, sent back the one that was labeled wrong as it didn’t match the product description and reordered, saw that NYCE was selling directly so ordered from them. Received it today, it paid first time recognized as a tilt switch and worked first time.

So I will be ordering my other tilt sensors from NYCE via Amazon.

Any of you developers out ther know of a way to get this sensor to report quicker? It takes 3-4 seconds in either direction before it will change status, meaning if you put it on a mail box door and open and close it to check to mail quickly it does nothing. I called NYCE and they said it is programed at 3 seconds and can be changed with code.

I was able to get some of these cheap but wanted to see if there was an updated device type?

Just ordered and received one of these from Amazon. It is doing the stuck in open thing but I have got it to show closed a few times but they seem random.

Can you tell me how to identify if it is the v1 and not compatible with SmartThings?

The model number on the actual sensor should have HA at the end if it. Also on the front cover there should be 3 lines cut in the corner.

I know it has the 3 slits, but I will have to get it out of the Garage to know for sure.

I pulled it down and it is the “HA” model.

I was just fiddling around with it in my hand and I got it to show closed.

When you put this thing up, what is the orientation of the thing suppose to be?

It will show closed, if I put it standing on a narrow side with the front slits going vertical.

There were no instructions in the box and the font on the outside of the box was really hard for me to read.

The way you just described is how I have mine mounted. It was the only way I could get it to show open/close properly. I have mine on a plastic container with a hinged lid. Mount flat on the top doesn’t work but mounted on side of the lid does.

That is very Counter Intuitive of them. The words on the back of the holder that has the screw holes are 90˚ off.

Is there a way to reverse the Open/Close designation of the NYCE Tilt Sensor? By default, it assumes a vertical installation on a garage door, so vertical is “Closed” and horizontal is “Open”. I’ve just installed one on a bulkhead door and it reports “Open” when the door is closed and “Closed” when the door is open.

I found that putting the sensor on my door:

  • With the ‘slide’ finger catch to the right, faceing the inside of the back of your door. In this mode it is closed.

  • To be open, it should be tilted 90degrees from vertical on it’s back if looking to it from the ground.

I hope that helps.

My problem is it doesn’t have enough range to see the hub or other ZigBee 1.2 repeater. I am having the same problem with my NYCE door hinge sensors.

I know this is an old thread but I have a couple of these NYCE tilt switches that I used previously with Iris. When Iris went away I moved to ST but I didn’t realize these could be used with ST. I need to get these working as my garage door has been left open a couple times by the kids and it was open all night which is not good. So I want to set these up to alert me if the garage doors are open after sunset or a set time every evening.

Is that possible? I tried using the new device pairing function in the app but the switch was not recognized. I have it in pairing more with green LED flashing twice then a 1 second pause.

The model number I have is NCZ-3014. I have three of them, one for each door. I’d like to be able to use these and not have to buy new. These worked reliably with Iris.

I was able to get two of the three to pair (didn’t try the third one) as a NYCE Open/Close Sensor, but looking in device history I see no activity as I manually flip the sensor from vertical to horizontal keeping the sensor in the same orientation as when it’s installed on the door and worked reliably in the past.

9:49:43 AM: debug parse: listResult [[name:battery, value:75, linkText:NYCE Garage Door 1, descriptionText:NYCE Garage Door 1 battery is 75, isStateChange:true, displayed:true]]

9:54:45 AM: debug parse: listResult [[name:battery, value:75, linkText:NYCE Garage Door 1, descriptionText:NYCE Garage Door 1 battery is 75, isStateChange:false, displayed:false]]

It looks like the polling interval is 300 seconds or 5 minutes. How can I change that?

And I see that it has reported the change is state, so it would seem there is information that can be used to detect the door position.