Notification of garage door open?

I am thinking of getting a Lowes Iris Zwave Garage door controller (

What I woudl like to be able to do is have smartthings send me an alert if the garage door is left open in one of the following two scenarios:

  1. after a certain hour (maybe 10pm)
  2. after runnign a “good night” routine.

would this be possible?

also, using smartthings, can I send discrete open and close commands? meaning, can I send one command that will always close the door and one that will always open the door? Or is it just a toggle?

Yes to all.

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in the second one is that a yes it can send discrete open and close? or yes it is a toggle?

It would be a discrete open and close.

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sweet! thanks!

how did you get the sensor battery level to display?

That is from a DH by @RBoy who provides a paid service for several types of SmartApps and Device Handlers.

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