Zwave garage door notifications?

I just got a zwave garage door controller from Lowe’s and it works great with smartthings. I am wondering how to use ifttt to send me and my wife and alert if the garage door is open and it is after 11pm

Me personally, I think IFTTT is flaky and slow to respond. I use CoRE to send push notifications about what’s going on with my garage door.

No need to use IFTTT. All you need is already available in SmartThings.

You can also use SHM to configure a custom rule that uses the open/close status of the device that will notify anyone in your My Contacts list (the list in ST, not your phone), even during a specified time.

That’s what I did initially, used SHM.

Go to SHM screen (Dashboard)
Select the gear icon top right of screen
Select "Custom"
Select “New monitoring rule”

Create rule from there…

You could also use CoRE to do the same


After considering my desire to have peace of mind I decided to keep it simple and not have anything actually control my garage either open or close. So the shm is the best method for me. I created a new custom monitoring rule within the ST dashboard gear icon then attached my tilt sencor to trigger a text message and email plus the smartthings alert which also gives me reminders if I don’t clear it. So basically after x amount of minutes with the door open it sends me multiple notifications which I can then close the door myself within the app from work or wherever. Works great.

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