Gararge open/close sensor. SmartApps

Help? Hi everyone I had a gararge sensor that let me know when it opened & closed or was After many years it died & is now not available. Any ideas on where & what to look for to solve this problem?

Can you be more specific? What is the device? Is it totally dead, or you can’t connect it to SmartThings?

If you’re not looking to control the garage remotely then you can add a simple contact sensor to your garage door that will tell you if it’s open or closed. The cheapest SmartThings compatible ones that a lot of use are the Iris contact sensors available at Lowe’s, they run about $23 at full retail price, and go on sale from time to time.

Thank you!
Susan Kay

No problem :slight_smile: Here’s how I have mine mounted, it’s near the top panel of the door so it pulls up and away as soon as the door starts opening. It’s just attached with double stick tape, but the sensors come with actual mounting brackets that can be installed with screws too if you so desire. Mine’s been up there for about 8 months now with no problems so far. Still on the original battery too.

Hi well I hope I have your system as it sounds like what I’m looking for. :hugs:
One question Chris when you get into the house does it let you know the door is still open. My old one did it was this one, but you can’t get it now.:frowning:
thanks again Chris
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The sensor is just that, a sensor. The types of notifications you receive are dependent on how you have your SmartThings system set up. Sorry if this is a silly question, but you do have a SmartThings hub correct? If so, after you pair the Iris sensor to your hub, there are several different ways that you can set up notifications if your garage door is left open. Just depends on exactly how you want it to work.

For me, I have notifications sent through my phone after the garage is open for 30 mins then again every hour after that. I also get a notification if my mode changes to Night and the garage door is open.

Just a guess but I dont think the OP has ST at all. This device seems to be a standalone wireless sensor.

the SmartThings multisensor (1st gen using 2x AAAA) is amazing in its reporting detail on a garage door. Acceleration, orientation, and doesn’t depend on the magnet. If you can find a 1st gen sensor then that is your best option IMO.

The 2nd gen (using 1x CR2032) is less amazing because of the apparently short battery life and it seems the battery report is unreliable. But the door report details are still good.

@SusanKay if you don’t have SmartThings and all you want to do is monitor your garage door then you may want to consider another standalone sensor device. Like this one maybe.

If you’re interested in home automation and have other uses in mind, like controlling your lights, then it might make sense. Otherwise it’s probably overly complicated and adds unnecessary failure points (notably reliance on the cloud).

Thank you Mark,
I did buy this one but not fond of it at all. There are times it works & times it does not.
Plus I want one that will let me know when the garage is left open.
I’m thinking the more I look the more uses I have for monitoring, two side doors & shed.
But thank you very much Mark.
Susan Kay