Gd00z1 lowes iris garage door question

HI I picked up on sale the iris branded lowes gd001 on sale for 14 dollars from lowes. Lol yup 14 dollars they had 3 left. To my surprise it hooked right up and works like a charm. I want to know if anyone uses a good method to let you know if you left the garage door open and if it’s possible to have something trigger the door to close. For those days u drive away and just forget.

I used this thread to install the DH and “ridiculously automated garage door” smart app, which allow you to do just that, but I haven’t enabled the auto closing yet, just the text message that I left it open…

Just add close Garage to your goodbye routine.

Obviously, be cautious about setting up any unattended closing of your garage door.

When I open any of my routines my garage door virtual switch does not show up as a selection. Do I need to upload this switch somehow