GD00Z Garage Door Alerts?

I am trying to set my IRIS garage door device to alert me if the door was left open at a set time each night and resend alerts at specific intervals until the door is closed. I scoured the community site and have not found a definitive solution. However, I did notice a lot of people wanting to do this as well, but they too have received mixed results. I tried using many of the options already available on the app, but they do not work as I hoped. It seems to be a fairly simple task? Has anyone been successful with finding a solution? If so, can you share?

Have you tried using webCore? I have a piston setup that does exactly what you are looking for.

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Thank you for responding. I have not tried anything other than the items published on github. My knowledge of ST customizing is limited, but I am learning more each day I mess with it. I will research how to use the items you mentioned. Thank you again!

Easy, as pointed out above you can use CoRE or WebCoRE but here’s a built in way to also do

Use SHM, create a Custom Rule, you can now select an option to notify you if a door is opened and left open and you can specify what mode/time range etc you want the rule to be active.

Yep. I use SHM to alert me if the garage door is left open past a certain time and automatically shut it if it is. Works like a charm.

I installed webCoRE today and will try adding a piston to try out. I will also follow your instruction and try it through SHM as well. Thank you for the help. I did see many useful items on your website, but have not had a chance to enroll.

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