Device handler review & certification

is there any update on the device handler submission and review process? We’ve put significant time and effort into our development. We want to go ahead and announce our products as smartthings compatible and make the device handler available for people to use. Our application has been parked for a year now and there seems to be no hope of getting our device handler released.

There is a note here:

that says:
“SmartThings is not reviewing submissions for public distribution at this time.”

Is anyone else in the same position?

Yes, everyone is in the same position!

Since it sounds like you have some sort of product for which you wish to have “Works with SmartThings” certification, perhaps you should consider contacting the SmartThings marketing folks directly.

Or, you could release the code here for people to use with your product & get the show on the road… :yum:

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Any updates?

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Yes, everyone is in the same position!

I figured that was probably the case!

I work for a small/medium manufacturer in the UK. We submitted our device handler almost a year ago and were hoping to get our products certified as “Works with SmartThings”. We have tried strike up a working relationship with the certification team. I was just interested to hear what other developers have experienced as it seems like we have reached an impasse.

To me it looks like the focus is on the big corporate players and mass market devices.


If you have a product that you want to have in partnership with us, please fill out the partnership request form: