No More Hubs from Samsung?

I just got off the phone with support and the guy said: “I hate to break the news to you, but Samsung’s not making any new hubs.” In other words, their app and devices are the product line going forward.

Anyone want to explain to me why this isn’t a disaster (or not true)? Sure sounds like everything is headed for the cloud…

EDIT: He said the app would continue to support other manufacturers’ hubs - but I can’t see how this would make the news any better at all.

Take a look around this board or on Facebook, there are literally hundreds of posts about this. Samsung is going to outsource creation of hubs to outside companies. Aeotek Seems to be the front runner in this new program called “works as SmartThings hub” (WASH)


Short version is that ST is getting out of the hardware business. But they are licensing out the hardware to other companies. Aeotec has been announced for the EU and North American markets. More details in the following thread.


Dang! I searched first but didn’t find anything (“no more hub” “samsung hub” etc.) but somehow didn’t find anything.

So I guess I can have some hope that the marketplace will cause another manufacturer to expand local processing (my biggest annoyance with the SmartThings hub is that so many simple things require a trip to the cloud).

Thanks for the reply…

ST will still manage the cloud and firmware for the hubs.


It did, but it’s not made by Samsung or associated with SmartThings. :wink:

It’s a competing product called Hubitat from a very small company founded by former SmartThings users with exactly the same desire: something that could run most of the same devices and most of the same code as SmartThings, but all locally. It’s been out for about two years now and seems to be doing pretty well.

Some people are even running both smartthings and Hubitat in order to take advantage of the Third party cloud integrations that smartthings has and Hubitat doesn’t. Also, Hubitat doesn’t really have an app, although you can use SharpTools with both.

You can find community discussion in the following section of this forum:

As well as visiting the hubitat forum:


FWIW I’ve been considering HomeSeer on and off for years.

As I’m sure you know, the price can get pretty steep (HW+SW). I do like their switches, and I like the app flexibility. It seems like they have a fairly open architecture with active developers.

OTOH, I see people complaining about HomeSeer from time to time - but I see people complaining about all hubs from time to time. Pretty much why I’m still on the SmartThings hub.

All systems have pluses and minuses. Homeseer is a good solid DIY system For zwave, but it doesn’t support Zigbee at the present time. So different things will work for different people. :sunglasses:

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Re: Zigbee

Like I said, HomeSeer can get expensive. All you need for some Zigbee support is your HS hub (for which you paid between $130 and $1,200), their software ($60-$360 if it wasn’t included with your hub), an extra USB Zigbee interface ($45), and most of your spare time for a couple of weeks.

No problem, right? :money_mouth_face:

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We should take these kinds of conversations to the alternate hubs section of the forum, you’ll find that many of the topics have already been covered there. :wink:

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you can get plenty of used smartthings hubs v2 and v3 on ebay. after you purchase the hub plug it into your Ethernet/internet. Then press and hold the recessed button next to the power plug and plug the power in. Continue to hold the button down until the led on the front stops flickering. The hub will download the latest firmware. Then you should be good to go.

Just reflecting on this old thread and trying to reconcile:

  1. Samsung is totally committed to your investment in a smart home using a combo of z-wave gadgets plus their proprietary products (cameras, sensors, etc.)

  2. If your hub died today, you’re SOL unless you want to pay an exorbitant markup on a SmartThings brand hub, or you’re willing to wait (and hope) that you’ll score an Aeotec hub next week.

I’m sure someone will eagerly jump in to “correct” my bad attitude, but It IS just crazy - not good - that this is the state of things with the system I chose (and invested time/money in) to automate my whole house.

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Agreed. From the beginning, or at least as far back as 2014, smartthings has appeared to have very little concern about how changes would impact home automation set ups that people already have running. Whether it was dropping the contact book, dropping “is physical“ for Z wave devices, changing the Harmony integration, changing the way multi button devices work, or obviously dropping the self-branded devices including the hubs, they leave it up to customers to figure out that something has changed, find a workaround if there is one, or complain to support if there isn’t.

It can definitely be very frustrating. :rage:

The good news is that the supply pipeline for the Aeotec hubs has definitely improved, and it is now much easier to find one in both the US and the UK.

I realize that’s small comfort, but that particular aspect is definitely better than when the first change happened.

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you can get a good deal on a v2 or v3 hub on ebay. the best deals are the lot listings. i have purchased numerous deals which included a hub and sensors at half price or less of retail cost. you do need to know your prices and sometimes be brave enough to message the seller with an offer. do note that items purchased from ebay generally do not have any warranty.

Maybe that’s a good thing so we won’t have to deal with Samsung remote bricking ANOTHER hub for no good reason.

SmartThings still controls the firmware, cloud and app. They still have the ability to “brick” hubs in the future (if needed).


Well, touche’. Way to rain on my parade.

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UPDATE AUGUST 19, 2021: Aeotec’s website lists two places to buy a hub in the United States - and - and BOTH are sold out/unavailable.

With all due respect, “you can get plenty of used smartthings hubs v2 and v3 on ebay” is no comfort (long- or short-term).

As of this moment, ST sure looks like a poor platform for HA…

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