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I checked today and the Smartthings website no longer lists any of the V3 hardware for sale. You can see the images but when you go to buy now the listing disappears.

Not for sale on Best Buy or Amazon either.

There was news a couple weeks ago about the original hub being shut down…but nothing regarding ending V3 hardware sales.

Did I miss something or has Samsung quietly decided to exit the Smartthings hardware business?

Not making the plugs/sensors I could understand but I would imagine if they are supporting the software that they’d sell a hub.

Anyone else notice this any have any ideas?

Smartthings made an announcement a couple of months ago that they are no longer going to sell or support smartthings branded home automation hardware. Instead, they are arranging partnerships with other companies to manufacture “works as a smartthings hub“ and the sensors as well. Smartthings will continue to provide the app and the cloud platform.

Aeotec will be providing the devices for the North America and European regions. These devices just started becoming available for sale.

The first devices appear to be identical to the existing smartthings ones, just with a different logo.

Official announcements:

An Update Regarding our Hardware

Zigbee products • Aeotec

And the official blog article:

They have simply outsourced to Aeotec.

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