Will Smartthings be like Homekit

I don’t get why ST is stopping the handling of the hubs. Ya think maybe Samsung will be coming out with like a Samsung version of Homekit? I mean like Samsung just released ST in android auto also TV’s, Refrigerators and Samsung phones have ST in them. Just sent get what’s up. My ST Hub V1 keeps discounting and im looking to upgrade and can’t find a new hub in stock something is not adding up.

in the US, hubs will be rebranded under the Aeotec brand in the next few montHs.

or multipurpose sensor…

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yeah like I said something up…

so no stock? really ST you couldn’t have Aeotec “rebrand” before selling all the stock of the ST hubs? So people with dead hubs have to wait MONTHS? I could have a new Tesla built in 2 weeks…wow this is going to be amazing new hub I guess huh

[quote=“koamkoam, post:3, topic:218215, full:true”]wow this is going to be amazing new hub I guess huh

It’s exactly the same device as the current V3 hub, just with a different logo.

It appears that Samsung made the decision and then started looking for partners and that created a supply chain gap. :disappointed_relieved: