*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

I’ve installed all the SmartApps and Handlers. They all seem to be working fine. My ecobee jumps up 10 degrees when I adjust the heat settings in the SmartApp or via a piston. Is there a way to set the amount it adjusts up or down?

I have been using this Device Handler and have been very pleased with it’s capabilities. I looked at all of the Smart Apps and didn’t see one that would meet my needs, but I might be missing something. I would like for when our alarm is set (it is being monitored in SHM) to Away, that I place an indefinite hold on my ecobee for a specific temperature range. If the Alarm is turned off or to home (SHM), then Ecobee would resume it’s current schedule. Any suggestions on the best way to do this?

I like the idea of a door/window contact preventing the furnace from running and had been trying to make a Webcore script myself to accomplish this. Fortunately today I came across this thread again and realized you had an app for accomplishing this. My webcore programming skills are quite basic so not making something myself is ideal. My only issue is that I was hoping to only do a check that disables the thermostat while in cooling and not heating. My concern is if one of the window contact batteries died or the contact just failed in the winter while we were out/away for an extended period my house would freeze and risk burst pipes.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how best I could accomplish this?

Hi, in the DTH, there are already some commands to increase/decrease the setpoints by 1 degree. Look at levelUp and levelDown commands. There are also heatLevelUp and HeatLevelDown, coolLevelUp and coolLevelDown.

However, I must say that I don’t understand your 10 degree issue here. With the DTH, you can any setpoint you want using the setHeatingSetpoint & setCoolingSetpoint commands (provided that these setpoints are within the heating & cooling setpoint ranges).


I’ve already responded to you via email. If you have any further questions, please send them to services@maisonsecomatiq.com.

If you have specific requirements, you can use the WebCoRE forum to improve your current script as my smartapps will address the most common use cases.

I don’t use WebCoRE myself… Sorry.

P.S. There are many options available depending on your requirements, If you don’t want to turn off the heat, and just lower your setpoints, you can use a smartapp called ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule which can create virtual zones for your home. By using the virtual zones, you can detect for which sections of your home, the contact is open, and then change the setpoints accordingly in webCore. Or, the smartapp has also some built-in logic to ignore the room(s) when the contacts are open and adjust the setpoints accordingly.

Refer to [RELEASE] New version of my zoned Heating/Cooling Solutions

So first off I have just started using this and am a paid contributor and feel it is worth every penny. Just a quick question though the additional SmartApps on your GitHub there is only one version of them correct? What a mean is there is no paid version of them correct?

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Got it working perfectly based on the email. Thanks.

No, they are complimentary with Myecobee Device…No fees involved. Some of them are quite powerful Like MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp & MonitorAndSetEcobeeHumidity.

There is some documentation at the ST community wiki (look up for ecobee* smartapps) :



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So I have minimal experience with the SmartThings smartapp coding but I was wondering could I just make a simple edit to the code of “WindoworDoorOpen!” ??

I was thinking if I edited line #494:
if ((tstats) && (openMinutesCount > max_open_time_in_min)) {

To include a reference to the stat being in cool it might work for me?

	if ((tstats) && (openMinutesCount > max_open_time_in_min) && (it.currentThermostatMode == "cool")) {

Would that be correct?

Sure, you can change the code and test it, but be aware that you cannot publish it for others according to the license.


Thanks for your quick responses. I really appreciate that.

Sorry if I was in the wrong to suggest editing the code. I did not realize. I assure you if I did it it would strictly be for my personal use to avoid the program running during the heat cycle.

Would the edit I suggested accomplish what I am hoping to do or do I have the wrong code there? Again I am basically just trying to tell the application to NOT turn off the thermostat due to open window when the heat is running

No, you have to check the thermostatOperatingState events. You can look up the ST documentation for the events you’d need for your use case and your condition is not right (you cannot refer to ‘it’ in this case)… Sorry, I cannot provide you with more help at this point.


I have been using this program for over a year without a single problem. I recently moved into a new house and after setting up my ecobee, emailed Yves a question to which he responded almost immediately. Thank you, sir.

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I’ve been a user since 10/2016 and I couldn’t live without this. I wouldn’t necessarily call it complex, but more so comprehensive and has a lot of flexibility on how you can configure. The big advantage between this and others is that for whatever reason, this never experiences disconnects. Haven’t had a single issue in 1.5 years. I do have smart vents on every vent in the house, so this is an invaluable piece of the puzzle to configuring the vents to work with the thermostat. Love it and I’m a huge supporter of Yves work. It’s also updated regularly which I like instead of a huge monolithic release. Keeps it fun and provides incremental functionality that’s usually immediately useful and the incremental releases haven’t broken anything to my knowledge. Seems all code is well tested prior to release and It is now second nature to apply the updates. Can even update everything from my phone which is awesome. Keep up the good work Yves!!

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Hi, just FYI, I made some changes to the WindowOrDoorOpen! to add another option in order to switch the tstats inputted in the app to away or eco (when supported) to avoid any issues that you mentioned (instead of turning them off).

I made also some improvements to the notifications in order to be able to use speakers (multiPlayer capability).

The new version (v2.5.5) is at the github along with other smartapps.


Thanks for the update. I appreciate the change. We have been using the app anyways but in winter it definitely scares me to think about it we were away and a contact failed and reported open status and our thermostat just turned off and stayed that way. I’d still love to have an “off” option for when in “cool” mode but beggars can’t be choosers right?

I updated the app yesterday though and noticed it seemed to stop functioning properly for me. We were doing some work that was generating a lot of dust and so we opened the windows. The app continued to notify of open windows but it never turned the thermostat off. (I had not enabled the new setting for “away”). Upon updating I did not change any settings at all. Should I have to do anything after the update to continue proper function?

Please resync at the github (v2.5.7). Also, you may want to go into the app and save again (to reset any state variables).

In your case, if you’re afraid of the ‘off’ mode, you may want to use the “set Away or Eco mode” instead.


Okay I will update it again. Thanks for the hard work!

yvesracine quick question… on my Ecobee 4 under Settings / Installation Settings / Thresholds, there’s an AC Overcool Setting which I currently have set at 2 degrees F. Is this setting available anywhere in your code to be able to modify through ST? I do NOT have a humidifier / dehumidifier in my HVAC system, which is why I’m interested in this setting. Just curious. Thanks.