*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!


Just want to inform my contributors that a new version (v5.9.9y) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link or your sellfy account provided that you’ve followed the update procedure indicated at my store (under the terms of service).

The new version allows to produce daily and weekly voice reports via the Ask Alexa smartapp (Amazon Echo-ST integration developed by Michael Struck) .

For examples:

At your home, your ecobee thermostat is currently in heat mode and its presence sensor is set to present. In the past 7 days,at the Ecobee Kitchen thermostat,there were 29 schedule change(s),your thermostat’s setpoint was 19.0 degrees in average.The Ecobee’s minimum setpoint was 14.0 degrees on 2018-01-02 21:10,and the Ecobee’s maximum setpoint was 21.5 degrees on 2018-01-02 20:35.The Ecobee’s average ambient temp collected was 18.8 degrees Celsius.And finally, the thermostat’s average relative humidity observed was 31.0%.

At your home,your ecobee thermostat is currently in heat mode and its presence sensor is set to present.In the past day,at the Ecobee Kitchen thermostat,there were 7 schedule change(s),your thermostat’s setpoint was 18.7 degrees in average.The Ecobee’s minimum setpoint was 14.0 degrees on 2018-01-06 16:05,and the Ecobee’s maximum setpoint was 20.5 degrees on 2018-01-06 15:30.The Ecobee’s average ambient temp collected was 18.8 degrees Celsius.And finally, the thermostat’s average relative humidity observed was 31.0%.

If you’re are a contributor to one of my support packages (and I have access to your ST account), the upgrade has already been done for you. You don’t need to do anything, everything has been taken care of.

In the last versions, I’ve also made some improvement to the new queue logic which allows to “replay” ecobee commands following an ST or ecobee outage. This feature, combined the actual resilience of My Ecobee device (to avoid any ecobee disconnects), will ensure even more robustness for my contributors and their HA scenarios.


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I guess I’m lost or crazy. I have donated and installed the apps. However, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to configure it in ST. All I’m really wanting to do is set up a routine so that when the last person leaves the house, ST turns my Ecobee to “Away” mode. Doesn’t this app do that? And if so, how do I set that up?


As indicated in the installation file included in the downloaded zip file, there are many
smartapps that you can use with My Ecobee device.

Please refer to the 1st post of this thread for a list of use cases and related smartapps.

The ST community wiki also includes all the ecobee_* smartapps, configuration &
troubleshooting documentation.


Most of my smartapps are available at my github (also available through the github integration):

For you use case, you’d need to install a simple smartapp called ecobeeChangeMode. You can create as many instances of the smartapp that you need (one for Away, one for Night, any others for your custom modes).



Again, it’s probably just me. I have the ecobeeChangeMode installed and have instances created. But how to I interweave that into a routine? I’m new with ST so I need a first grade level instructions.

HI again,

There is no way to integrate the mode switch into a routine as most thermostats under ST don’t support that feature. Routines will only trigger standard thermostat capabilities.

However, as soon as you have instantiated the smartapp under ST (you should then see it under the ST mobile app, bottom menu: Automation, upper tab: Smartapps), the smartapp will be activated.


You use ecobeeChangeMode to switch the ecobee to ‘Away’ when the ST mode is switch to ‘Away’. You can use the routine ‘Goodbye’ in ST to have it switch the ST mode to ‘Away’ and use whatever triggers you want (I have it set such that when both my phone and my wife’s phone leaves the geofence, then that’s the trigger to run the ‘Goodbye’ routine.)

And when you return home, you can use the ‘I’m back’ routine in ST to trigger the ecobeeResumeProg SmartApps to return your ecobee to the normal scheduled program.

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Thnx, maybe I was not clear.

Of course, indirectly when the ST location mode changes, the right smartapp is called to set the ecobee to ‘Away’ or any other climate of your choice, but there is no direct way to call the away() method on the DTH via a routine.

The ecobeeChangeMode and ecobeeResumeProg can listen however to any ST location mode change events…

The following link explains the basic configuration steps for My Ecobee device:


I just took a look at my setup so here’s the more detailed instructions:

In the EcobeeChangeMode Smartapp:

  1. Select your thermostat, next;
  2. Under Select Program, change “Change to this program?” to ‘Away’;
  3. Under ‘When SmartThings hello home mode changes to’, pick ‘Away’;
  4. [Optional] Add delay if you wish’
  5. Click ‘next’ and save the Smartapps.

In the ‘Routines’ section, open the ‘Goodbye’ routine settings:

  1. Under ‘Change the mode to’ section, pick ‘Away’;
  2. Set other things you want done in the other sections;
  3. Under 'Automatically perform ‘goodbye’ when…" select ‘Everyone leaves’ if you have presence sensors already set up for people in the house.
  4. Save

Awesome! That’s what I needed. Thanks!

I noticed I am a few version behind now. I had the updated code through Selfy but I am looking for the changelog. Could you include it in the zip file ? Is there any way to get notifications when there is a new update (not trying to open this pandora box again, just want to know what is doable with the new system).


I’ve already posted here about the new version.

Please note that I will no longer send any notifications or emails anymore as stated in this thread.

If you want to have the latest versions, you can either:

  1. Check here under this thread to see if new versions are available

  2. Check at the sellfy site using the download link.

P.S. There are already some release notes in the zip.

I don’t see any in the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule downloaded from Selfy today.

Minor update as stated here:

Yves, thx very much for the reply. I just got around to setting up WindowAndDoorOpen and it seems to be working, I’ve got it setup with a 5 min timeout for notifications, limited to 1. My only issue is I get a notification each time the door closes. This means each time somebody opens a door, I get a notification once its closed. My desire is to only get a notification if the door is open for 5 min. Am I missing a setting to disable the door closing notication? Again, thank you, George

The smartapp was designed this way b/c most people also want a closing notification. If you don’t want the close notification, it would mean some custom developement. Are you willing to pay for custom development? Let me know.

Hello, I just purchased the app and the My Ecobee init set up fine. I am having a problem getting the sensors recognized. They were all there previously in ST but I deleted them and the original ST ecobee set up like you recommend. I am just getting a blank page after I select my thermostat in the ecobeeRemoteSensorInit app. Any ideas on what I should try?


Hi @darrenph1, did you follow the steps at:

It looks like you didn’t save and publish the Remote Sensor DTH.

P.S. Send me some logs at services@maisonsecomatiq.com otherwise.


Email Sent. I have the Remote DTH published.

yracine’s code is the best out there right now and the support is great!

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Great work! I appreciate the effort you put into this.

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