No "Button Number" available for some GE smart switches

Trying to use the “Button Number” within the SmartThings app to trigger a routine, but noticing that some of my switches have “Button Number” as an option to select a double tap up (Button One) or down (Button Two), while some do not have this option. I bought the same model number at the same time, and would double that some would simply not have the feature while others might. I’m using the same DTH as well. Any thoughts?

PS Using the nuttytree DTH for GE/Jasco Smart Dimmer

We need the specific model number, but it’s quite possible that two of the devices have different firmware levels. Specifically for the GE switches that came out in the last 18 months or so, the original release did not have the firmware updates for double tap. So they just don’t support it. And there isn’t any way to update them on your own – – you usually have to contact GE/Jasco support assuming they are still under warranty.

You can ask more questions in the author thread for that DTH and someone there may be able to help you figure out specifically what’s going on.

Thanks - Using 14294 - latest model of GE Smart Dimmer Switch Z-Wave Plus.

So, what makes me think I have the firmware is that the “button” feature is activated and the double tap does work, just doesn’t show an option for Button 1 or Button 2. If double-tap hadn’t been activated, I’d think no option would show up at all.

Is there a way to tell the firmware? I’ve gone into IDE and looked at all of the device information, and when comparing one that works and one that doesn’t (for Button 1/2), I see both models as the same in terms of version, model, etc.

I’ve had trouble with this showing up correctly after I switched from the stock DTH to NuttyTree. Some posts on here will tell you that you need to go to the “settings” for the switch (gear icon) and hit save but that’s never worked for me. I switched the DTH to stock and then back to NuttyTree and that did the trick.

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Thanks - Just tried these and unfortunately didn’t work. Interestingly, when I go to the devices page in IDE, under “current states,” the ones that work list “Number of Buttons: 2” while the one that doesn’t does not have this.

Did you save the changes and then load the device in the app, before switching back to the new handler?

Hey Mark - I did, and just did again to be sure. It’s still not showing up with the 2 button option, and also on the “current states” it’s still not showing “numberOfButtons” - any other thoughts? Really appreciate your help!