DTH for GE Dimmer Double-Tap (14294)?

Searching for a DTH that supports double-tap for the GE z-wave plus smart dimmer. I’ve found and installed this one, but I don’t see any options for setting what the trigger (i.e., double tap) will do to the device (e.g., turn on/off).

Side question - how do I list a device by hexadecimal format? What does this mean, and where do I find it? I’m guessing it’s a numerical code unique to the particular device, but where would I find it?

Does anyone know of other handlers with similar functionality? Oh, and much credit to those who have the skill to develop these, and the generosity to share them with us.

You didn’t say which model of switch?

A good place to look for custom code is on the quick browse lists in the community Dash created wiki. In this case you would look under the DTH section for the “lighting“ list.


You should be able to find a discussion thread for the DTH there.

Sorry thanks its the 14294. Newest model of the GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Dimmer.

And thanks - Will search there now

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Setting that DTH creates extra “button” devices. You’ll see the “Tap ^^” and “Tap (down down)” buttons show up in the device, allowing you to simulate a double tap for testing.

From the “Configure” screen (cog at top right, in the Classic app only), you can set up association groups, which create a direct link between the switch and a controlled Z-wave device, without going through the hub.

You can also set up standard automations via Smart Lighting, Routines, etc., using the double tap as a trigger.

For best responses, ask any further questions on the release thread for the DTH rather than creating a new thread.

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Hi Mark - thanks for the info and the clarification. The thread seemed pretty old so thought it may make more sense to start a new one, but that makes sense for simplicity sake.

I think last night I discovered that the SmartApps were referring to the double tap as “button 1” (up) and “button 2” (down). This solved a lot of confusion for me, and seemed to open up more functionality.

I’m also probably going to install webCoRE and see what additional functionality that brings.

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