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I’ve made the mandatory migration to the new app. I’ve got tons of GE z-wave smart switches (14294) that I’ve previously (successfully) used to trigger scenes/automations in my house (e.g., double tap one switch which then turns all the lights in that room on) - however, now that my routines have been migrated over to the new app, the scenes & automations aren’t working.

There seem to now be many more options in automations for triggers - does anyone know which option would execute my previous commands?

For reference, previous “Button One” was a double tap up, and “Button Two” was a double tap down. Strangely, now if I select, for example, “Pressed two times” then it seems “Pressed” is still selected when I go back and review those options, even though “Pressed two times” shows up on the automation itself.

As you’ve noticed, the way that devices which handle multiple taps work has changed. You will need a new DTH. So go back to where you originally got the code for the switches and hopefully it will have been updated for the new app.

It looks like this one should work with the 14294:

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Thanks so much @JDRoberts - I always appreciate your quick reply.

So, I’ve updated the code for that DTH and saved it, but am still unclear how to trigger Button One or Double Tap Up via the Scene - When I go to create a new scene, select an “If” clause, then select “Device Status,” which option do I select for Button 1/Double Tap Up?

Just ask in the DTH thread. They’ll know. :sunglasses:

Thanks :wink: - good idea!

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