New WEMO Smart App

I was having difficulty with my Wemo Switches lately. Constantly going offline and Smart Lighting app misfiring (commands not working). I got fed up with it and reported it to Support. I had heard back from them 3 hours later letting me know the NEW WEMO APP is here. And should fix current Wemo problems. I followed all their instructions and so far so good (1 hour after completing instructions). I got my fingers crossed. I’ll report back if anything comes up.

Below is the email from Support:

Great news! SmartThings has recently released an updated Wemo integration which should overall make Wemo and SmartThings more stable together. The new integration should resolve the issues you’re currently experiencing.

To take advantage of the updated integration, do the following:

First remove the Wemo devices from any existing automations/SmartApps.

-Click on the My Home (rooms) screen, navigate to the “Things” tab.
-Find the Wemo devices, and for each,
-Click on each device and then click the SmartApps tab for it
-You will see a list of all of the automations that are currently using this device
-Choose each automation, and remove the device from them, one at a time
-Once you have done this for all of the SmartApps for the device, click the menu and choose edit device
-Click Remove
-Repeat this for each Wemo device you have

Once all the Wemo Devices have been removed, you must remove the Wemo (connect) SmartApp.
-Navigate to SmartApps section of My Home (rooms)
-Click on the Wemo (connect) SmartApp
-Scroll to the bottom and choose “Remove”
-On the confirmation, click “Remove” again

Now you can add the Wemo devices back to SmartThings
-Navigate to the Marketplace (
marketplace) in the SmartThings mobile app
-Under the Things tab, click Lights & Switches
-Click Switches & Dimmers
-Click Belkin
-Choose Belkin WeMo Switch
-Choose “+ Connect Now”
-Now the new Wemo (connect) SmartApp will discover the Wemo devices on your network
-Be sure to click the + for each section and select all of the Wemo devices
-Then click Done

Now you can re-add the Wemo devices to your automations and enjoy the new reliability!

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Hmm, I may give Smartthings another try and controlling my wemo switches. I’m a bit nervous though as I have not had any issues with the wemo app controlling them. Maybe I should leave well enough alone. I do have a few of the wemo wall plugs that I could benefit from having integrated back in with ST.

Thanks for posting, I was having issues and installed the updated connector without any trouble. So far so good.

Thanks for sharing… fingers crossed.

I had one of my switches go “offline”. I reported it and they wrote back saying they are still fine tuning. Software is always a work in progress. :smile:

But good to know they are still on it.

I’ve been having issues with Apps and Routines not executing some or all of my Wemo bulbs so I had a go at this. Removed all my devices from all associated SmartApps.
When I went into the SmartApps section of My Home there wasn’t a Wemo (connect) SmartApp there to remove and then when I went into the Marketplace under the Things tab there isn’t a Lights & Switches section and there’s nowhere to choose Belkin.
Do I have an old firmware or something?
Any help appreciated, thanks!

My Wemo problems are back. Switches constantly going offline. I have to set up Pollster to handle the refreshing because I’m way to frustrated to even check the app.

Same… Does Polster help? Do you “Poll” or “Refresh”???

According to the guy who made the code, You’re supposed to poll. But I find Polling fails. I use refresh and it’s fairly stable.