Wemo issues

I have 3 wemo switches in my house and smartthings has not been playing nice with them for awhile now. I ended up just using the wemo app to control them. If I look in my smartthings app it shows lights that are on when they are not. I finally just got fed up with it and removed all of my wemo switches from smartthings. Just another list of issues with this hub.

I gave up on Wemo’s and replaced them with ZWave GE switches and haven’t looked back, I resold the Wemo’s on eBay for a decent price. I hated the Wemo’s as they never were reliable even in the native app.

I’ve been very happy with the 6 Wemo switches - for now, I gave up on SmartThings controlling them.

Read my post, I got wemo and smartthings to work

I don’t use Android.

Mine stopped working again too. I give up…

After installing them from smartthings they work just fine with their app. My wemo switches are just for lighting that needs to come on at sunset and off at sunrise. The ironic thing is they actually do what they are supposed to at sunrise/sunset. Something Smartthings struggles so much with.

Yea I’m sure if I delete mine and add them again they’ll work. They just stop every couple of months.

I had the same problem, if you follow my method it seems to work. Has been working flawlessly for about a week now,…Smartthings and Wemo light switches finally working together

This is typical for any IP addressable device that gets powered on and off a lot. It’s one of the drawbacks of WiFi vs zwave, and is I think the main reason WeMo doesn’t just own the DIY home automation market. From the very beginning even with native apps there have been complaints that the WeMo devices just drop off the network every few months. :grin:

Disclaimer: I don’t like Wemo’s at all, I wish I hadn’t bought them. I’m only using 1 now because it’s rated for higher loads and I don’t feel like buying another appliance switch.

My native Wemo app has never lost track of my two switches. Now the Wemo stays powered on even when the 120V relay is tripped open so it should constantly be in communication with the cloud. Sometimes it flakes out and works better if I switch to cellular instead of the same damn network it lives on but it always comes back.

I honestly think there’s some issues between ST and Wemo’s clouds, perhaps intentionally since Wemo seems to think it’s a complete home automation solution, not just endpoint devices.

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You are right there is an issue with ST and Wemo and it is frustrating that ST can’t figure it out. I got my Wemos to work with ST but it took additional apps to do it including Tasker, Sharptools, and Wemomanager. I know it might seem like a lot but it works now and I have no issues with ST and Wemos. I have 9 Wemo light switches and they all work now with Smartthings.

Oh, I’m sure there are integration issues as well, or ST would have taken WeMo out of Labs by now.

Just saying losing network pairing with any network has been a native WeMo issue as well for many customers, you can see it in the Amazon reviews.

Seriously, use Wemomanager or use the setup I did here Smartthings and Wemo light switches finally working together. It is a lot better way to control Wemo devices and allows integration into ST

It sounds interesting but I don’t have an android. Keep thinking about it, at least a tablet but then iOS just wins for polishedness if that’s a word.

What apps aren’t on iOS, sharptools or wemomanager?

I ripped out all the Wemo’s from my house. A useless waste of money. Not only did they not work reliably with ST, they didn’t work reliably with their own app.

Never, ever again.

Neither seem to be available. I wish Chrome would hurry up with android app support. I got it to work a little bit but then chrome updated and it stopped working.

All three of the apps you’re using: Tasker, SharpTools, and Mike P’s WemoManager are currently android only.

Mike P posts a lot in the Belkin forums, said back in December that he may eventually make an iOS version but it will be “a long ways off.”

Also note in the same thread many people report problems with WeMo once you have a Wi-Fi repeater. This may help explain why some people have more problems than others.


I heard that and I do have one that I lit up again recently.