Wemo not working after latest wemo update?

I received an update on my Android for the Wemo app, after that update, the wemo smartapp is not working anymore. It shows zero devices found. Has anyone experienced the same thing?

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There was an iOS update today as well, but everything went fine on my end. The response when loading the app is immediate now. Zero delay between on and off again.

Did it ever work? Even with it’s own native app? I outsourced mine to IFTTT talking to virtual switches in ST. Works pretty good.

My switch has worked flawlessly using the Wemo app since a firmware update many moons ago. It was only flaky (mostly with ST) for a short time after I purchased it. I quit using it with ST a long time ago, so it might still work poorly within their world.

It used to work perfect for me until the last update. Not a big fan of Wemo.

None of my 8 devices show up now either.

Luckily I only have one. Today I unplugged it and when I plugged it back it asked me for a firmware update. Now everything is back to normal.

Are you on wemo firmware 2.00.9399? I am pretty sure that’s the latest one. All my devices are on that, and no longer show up in my Smartthings lab.

I will continue to fiddle with them.

Mine is 2.00.8643. I only have one device.

All my Wemo’s are now back and working. 3 motion sensors, 3 switches, 1 light switch, 1 insight. I was about to eBay them all, but now they get another chance.

While the latest Wemo Mobile App worked on my iPad, the iPhone 5s was a total failure. All I can get is a brief scan for devices before it jumps to the Setup Screen. No amount of delete-reinstall action seems to make any difference. Not even when I continuously try to make it rescan for devices.

Yes, I am using the latest IOS on BOTH devices :disappointed:

A new update is available. for more read this:

My Wemo insight is working well with ST but the one thing missing from when I had it on the wemo app is the power usage. Does anyone know a way to see this on ST?