New to ST and have Camelot connect deadbolt locks when leave unlocks 10 minutes later

So I’m hoping someone can offer a suggestion.
I’ve had my Camelot lock in for about 10 days now. Noticed this past week we’d leave for work it wouldn’t lock. I’d wait till I was well out of the neighborhood nod finally I’d click it in the app to lock. Then I’d notice a few minutes later it would be unlocked again and I’d click again to lock and then it stays locked.

It unlocks upon arrival perfectly

Yesterday I found that there was a 10 minute delay on the locking so I changed it to no delay.

Today we left and it locked immediately and 10 minutes later it unlocked. We use the app and locked it again and it stays locked.

Can’t figure out why it unlocks after we leave. We have 2 ecobee 3 stats which I do wonder if maybe they are causing some kind of issue with a mode change

I’d super appreciate input from the experienced here on my problem. Thank you!!

Sounds like the " usual" geo-fencing issue. This is why you NEVER ( I repeat NEVER) have your I’m back routine unlock the doors based on phone presence. It is better with one of the ZigBee presence sensors since they update every couple seconds and only have a range of about 50feet.
I use the native Lock & Leave on my Schlage locks to lock them 30 seconds after they are unlocked. Locking them IS in my goodbye routine just so I will get a notification if they are jammed, did not lock like they should have. I can open the app or enter my code to unlock them . Not worth the security risk.

Ahhh!! thank you!
This has been driving me nuts. I’m brand new to this.

If it adds clarity, this morning I left the house and locked the door with the schlage button on the touchpad. Sure enough 15 minutes later the door unlocked. I relocked it with the app, and I’m sure it’ll now stay locked.
I didn’t know this was a known issue!

Do you recommend a particular inexpensive presence sensor? We each need one, plus we have a third car so I’d need one for those keys.

Will it lock and unlock with one presence sensor arriving if the other 2 are still inside the house?

I did not know this was a known issue with the schlage locks, or maybe its smart things in general.

Also, when this “mysterious unlock” happens, it also turns on my living room lamp which I DO have set as an arrival action for the cell phone arrival currently. I guess this will fix all of that by not having any cellular arrival actions.

Also, what is this Lock and Leave thing? Is that something thats default an option right inside the schlage lock itself? Or some setting in smart things? Or another app i need?

It is phone based geo-fencing in general. It has nothing to do with the locks. The ST presence sensors are around $20 each.
Yes you can set it up so it will trigger when any arrive even if others are present.I put one in each car. I get alert wife or daughter’s phones arrive about 5 minutes before they actually get home. Presence sensors go off about the time they shut their cars off in the driveway

You can log into your IDE . click on devices, go to the lock and check the history. That will tell you what is initiating the lock/unlock action. I am betting it is geofencing, but it is no guaranty

Yeah phone presence can be flaky depending on your phone and local area. There is many threads talking about this issue.
See these thread:

Or just seach phone presence in the forum.

In my house we use the smart things presence FOB. I think I git them on sale at Lowes or Amazon. We each have our own. My wife just keeps hers in her purse, Me my backpack I take to work, Daughter leaves it in her car. My issues with the smart things FOB is:

  1. Uses batteries
    2} easy to break battery holder changing battery. (Have to be careful and it’s not obvious)

I paired these sensors with our phone presence sensors to get a more reliable presence detection. I use this smart app which combines the 2 presence sensors in one.

You could probably also do this same checking in CoRe but I have not tried that yet

.[quote=“Rhizzlebop, post:3, topic:72678”]
Will it lock and unlock with one presence sensor arriving if the other 2 are still inside the house?
Yes you can set that up in your Routines to monitor as many as you would like.

Also as for managing your Schlage lock I use @RBoy software, you’ll have to pay for access to some of his software.

There is also a free version

I don’t use this version so I can’t speak for how well it works. I DO use RBoy’s version and it works very well. You can manage just about everything on your Schlage Lock by installing several of his software options.

Hope that helps.

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I use the Enhanced Z-Wave Schlage smart app on two Camalots with no issues.

I am checking into these presense sensors. Looks like they eat batteries.

Is there a sensor that I could plug into a USB in each car or something to handle this easily? Or is a bunch of special coding required for that (coding I have no idea how to do)?

The “Enhances Z wave Schlage” app, is that an app that causes something to happen within smart things, like, “lock upon some action” or just an app I would use for manually locking via my phone? Not following completely, my apologies.

I don’t think so. Some people have modified a car usb power adapter to give the 3 volts required and soldered the leads to sensor.

Didn’t sound like an easy option to me. Maybe some sells a car adapter that puts out 3 volts?

Well diddly.
What about occ sensors that plug in and use those as arrival sensors?

I just fear putting batteries in every couple months will be a hassle and expensive to keep up with with 3 of them. There has to be a better way. My wife loves the door being unlocked when she arrives home, but man she’ll kill me if I tell her we have to change batteries every 2 months.

Heck, i’ve been needing to change my key fob battery now since August and still having done it. Still keeps saying its low but its working.

Ok, trying to think of another solution.
I just read about the enahnced Zwave lock app.
So, that app lets me program the lock to relock x minutes after its unlocked. That solves my lock when leave goal.

As for arrival, what about some type of all weather button/switch that I could install outside at the bottom of the stairs, or in the garage and then program things somehow to where If the button is pressed, AND IF our cell phone is local at that time, then the door unlocks? That way, upon leaving in the morning, even with geofence issue, without the button being pressed at my stairs (as I drive away) the door wont unlock?

The key is, the convenience for my wife when shes walking in carrying her work bags and our son and not fiddling for keys or the touchpad.


I was wrong. I am using Lock Code Manager. This basically gives you access to all the existing functionality. (IE: Adjusting Tamper resistance, Leave Lock, Auto lock, Add and remove codes.) It seems to work fine. I dont use the built in auto lock feature as its not adjustable and locks to fast. We use LIFE60 for presence detection. That way no one has to have the SmartThings app but the programmer. It seems to work pretty well. Had a spell of the ST connector not updating status but seems to have worked itself out. I have programmed diffrent things to handle my Routine changes and door unlocks. So are you using the built in Presence sensor of your phone? I did make my fence large enough to cover the block so I wouldnt have the issue you are experiencing.

Well if the system already knows you cell phone is there then it would work like you wanted.

You can improve the accuracy of the cell phone geo fence issue by tweaking the setting. They work different for everybody due to environmental issues and such.

I have read some people using LIfe 360 app. Another Geo fence that seems to be more reliable. I did not pursue this as the FOB work well for us. As for the FOB I don’t think I have had to change then EVERY 2 months. Some more than others. My wife’s has had 1 battery since I bought it in April of 2016. The other 2 have used 2 batteries since then. Difference being my wife’s routine is typical, she also keeps her FOB in her purse. Mt daughter likes to leave hers in her car, in her backpack. So It is on the edge of reception where she parks.

Are you on Android or IOS? People use phone detection on android using Tasker and things like that.

I suggest buy 1 FOB for your wife as a test. It’s 22 bucks on Amazon. Buy one set of batteries in case it comes a weak battery. See how long they last for you. It’s easy to replace just need to be careful. There is direction on Smartthing site and all over the web.

Also SEARCH the forums and read. there is A BUNCH of information on the forum, it’s just a jumbled mess and sometime takes time to find the crumb your looking for.

I havent had presence issues using phones for some time. OP, is your phones location set to high accuracy? If not make sure it is. Also, in the smart things app make sure you have you geo fence set correctly. The radius around your area can be increased/decreased. I would recommend decreasing this if you have never done that before.

Also, you might consider setting up a notification any time the lock unlocks. I have mine this way just in case any unwanted unlocks happen.

I set the ST geofence a small as it would go, 500 ft radius. Seems big but the slider wont go any smaller.

I just installed the life360, and will see how that does tomorrow.

I’m on ios, with iphone 6S.
I went in and changed my google maps location to increase location accuracy “always” vs when I’m just using maps.

I also installed life 360. I attached that in smart things and will see what that does.
I havea feeling these are gonna eat cell battery but we’ll see.

I set the fence originally in ST and now in life360 the same. I made the circle as small as possible, and moved it so that my exit of the neighborhood didn’t cross in and out of the circle. (IE once I leave the circle, I don’t reenter the circle)

Possibly not, I am no expert or even generally knowledgeable on cell tracking. I do believe most of the time your phone uses WiFi and Cell Tower location for tracking your phone Unless you doing actual navigation. Or when it checks every so often.

Thanks guys. It seems using life 360 the lock does lock and reunlock correctly. I’ve tested it with my phone. I haven’t reached my wife’s phone to this yet.

Now I’m trying to connect a lighting smart remote dimmer switch to control a smart bulb on my porch.

More complicated than I thought. I thought smart things would find the thing and then I could set it to control that specific bulb.

From reading here it looks like I have to download some kind of smart app somewhere somehow in order o program the switch to do something.

I tried to copy some code from a light controller program I found in the community but when I clicked “create” it gave some error that looked like programming language. I have no idea what it wants me to do.

Can anyone direct me to relatively dimply solution? Much appreciated.

I’d like the front porch light to energize when “I’m back” occurs and remain on for x minutes or if the dimmer switch( I’ll install covering the hard wired switch) is pressed it goes off. If the light is already off and I press the switch I want it to turn on and then when I leave execute “I’m away” and turn it off

Thank you all! I am so lost at this stuff.

Look into Smart Lighting in the ST App Marketplace.