New to ST and have Camelot connect deadbolt locks when leave unlocks 10 minutes later

Just a quick update and a new issue.

I started using life 360 and the geofence has not been any issue since. Worked flawlessly for weeks…until this Monday.

Suddenly, for no good reason, my Schlage connect no longer responds to app commands.

It still somewhat updates “Recently” but its hit or miss. However, if it showed locked status, I tap in smart things to unlock and it just tries and tries and doesn’t unlock. Same the opposite way.

I tried doing the “Replace” feature, but the instructions I found said it would spin a few minutes trying to find the device to replace, however it never finds anything.

I havn’t tried a force remove yet because I’ve got to find a long data cable becasue I think it’ll require me dragging my hub closer to reconnect it.

I did replace batteries (which were at 99%) and now they show 100% so it still somewhat is talking to the app. Does that seem odd?

Help appreciated.

That is your problem. Having the lock within 3 feet of the hub IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. Schlage exchange a security key with the hub during the initial inclusion and although they will show as included will act exactly as you describe

Thank you for replying but I’m pretty certain that is NOT my problem.

You see when I first installed this a couple months ago, I put the lock together and went right beside the hub for this setup (hub normally sits about 15 feet away through 1 wall). Everything went exactly as it should and lock worked perfectly.

I’m saying, NOW that I’m trying to fix the lock, I need to remove it forget it, whateevr its called, and reconnect it to ST hub, and since now its all installed in the door, I’m not gonna take it all back apart, so I’ll get a long data cable and bring ST hub out to it.

So, that isn’t my problem.