Schlage Camelot unlocking on its own

So I have a Schlage Camelot every once in a while it will randomly unlock on its own. Anyone else ever have this issue? Any ideas on why this is happening?

First, look into you “recent” tab on the device details page (smart app) and see if there is an unlock event being sent by SmartThings. This would be separate from status indicator. If you are seeing these, then some event in SmartThings is causing this to occur. Then research on your configuration is required. You want to determine what event is causing the unlock to occur and why it is triggering. Fix the trigger (or remove the trigger if you can not fix it).

Sources of triggers are Automations, SmartApps, and SmartHome Monitor status. Any of these could be cause the activation. Common causes - arrival sensors (such as a smartphone or SmartThings presence sensor) sometimes give false arrival indications. If you have Automations that unlock your door on arrival, this false trigger could unlock the door.

Best practice for security: Lock doors on leaving/going to bed using Automations - BUT VERIFY in the app. Never unlock doors using Automations (or limit to those that are only manually or voice activated). You might also consider putting the locks on an unlocked timer that automatically locks after x minutes in unlock.

If SmartThings is not involved, contact the lock manufacturer.

Ok so I figured out what is triggering the door to unlock. It is my Wife’s ST arrival sensor. She was home, but the device just went rouge! Says she left around 7pm and arrived at 1am. I have it setup to unlock the door and turn on the living room lights upon arrival. Anyone have similar experiences or have a solution to the issue?

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Ah, that’s an entirely different problem, and a very common one. There are several things that support can do to help on that one, so definitely get in touch with them.

I ran into that problem as well and eventually solved it for our house by using two devices in combination, but most people don’t have to go that far. You might find the presence FAQ Interesting (this is a clickable link), Or you can just wait until support tunes the presence sensor and see if that fixes everything. :sunglasses:

Make sure that rule to unlock the door with her sensor is set to NOT run in Night mode

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