New Sonoff zigbee devices

Got it, never used them. Thanks

If you change the DTH to SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor the temp will show on the tile

Dohhh… Troy, I tried that about a dozen times earlier and no luck… as a good husband, I do as I’m told and followed your advise, again knowing it won’t work… TA DA… it works.
Thanks everyone, I now have the temp on the tile and an automation set. And it works.

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Knew it would work…I have 3 of these!

I added DTH SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor, id does work a while, then stops. Also it shows humidity % in the tile, not temp … Why is this so much different between users ?

Is it because of different continent or country ? I live in finland.

I have two of these with eZEX temp/hum DTH in use. As rock solid as anything can be in ST, but no battery info. One device is in another building, far away from the hub. Finland too.

Has anyone tried the new Sonoff ZB Mini? It is same size as the normal WiFi mini, but with Zigbee.

Yes i have and it works great locally

Oh okay, there is another one lower, it seems to be working !

Hi Guys,

I have all sonoff new zigbee devices and i can see them all working properly in ewelink app. When i am pairing smarthings with ewelink, only door sensors appeared in smartthing app. Neither temp sensor or switch nor motion sensor (even as a thing). Is there any solution for this problem?

Pair sensors directly to smartthings

I cant. Smartthings doesn’t find them when i am scanning for nearby devices.

temp/humidity press button until it flashes several times while ST app is searching nearby, after a while it appears. With movement sensor use pin hole in similar way.

I have already done these steps but nothing!! Is there any country restrictions??