Edge Drivers for Sonoff Zigbee?

I’m looking for drive edge,
Of the sonoff motion zegbee sensor devices.
And the sonoff button, as per the attached photos
Thank you so much…

@Mariano_Colmenarejo has a driver that works with the Sonoff motion detector, and the RDG - ZigBee Button driver works with the Sonoff Button.
You should be able to find them by searching this forum.

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Hi Paolo, I have already installed them, and they are present in the smarthings app, but my HUB does not see them.

Thank you for your availability

  1. If the devices are already installed you need to delete them and reinstall them.

  2. If you have custom device handlers for these devices you need to remove them or comment out the device fingerprints before reinstalling the sensors.

  3. When you repair the sensors get very close to the hub. Then move them to where you use them.

Grazie Paul
per la tua disponibilità,
Ma ho eseguito quanto hai detto, ma i sensori non vengono rilevati.
Ma ti chiedo te hai i stessi dispositivi sonoff? E ti funzionano…!

Yes, I have both devices and had them both working well with ST. I have since moved the motion detector to camp and use it with a Tuya Hub. The Sonoff Button is still connected to ST and working.

Use @Mariano_Colmenarejo “ZigBee Motion Sensor MC” with the Sonoff motion detector, and the RDG - ZigBee Button driver with the Sonoff Button

Can you add a link to this driver, im not finding it

Ciao Paul,
Ti confermo sono driver che ho già installati, ma non capisco perché non li rileva.
Grazie della tua disponibilità.

Question. Are they installing with a device handlers (DTH), or are they not installing at all?

If they are installing with a DTH you must have custom device handlers (DTH) installed and these DTHs need to be removed or the fingerprints need to be commented // out.

Non sono installati i DTH,
perché li ho rimosso.
Poi successivamente ho installato i driver di Mariano come mi hai detto.
Ma non viene trovato con il pairing.
Non capisco in cosa sbaglio…!
Grazie per la tua disponibilità.

I should have asked this earlier. Is you hub a ST v2, v3 or Aeotec hub? Because edge drivers don’t work with the ST wifi hubs.

And are you paying the devices close to the hub? I generally set small battery based devices right on the hub when paring.

Il mio Hub e un aeotec V3
Ma prima con i DTH, si accoppiavano facilmente.
Secondo il tuo parere, se carico su IDE nuovamente i DTH possono tornare a funzionare come prima?.

Yes, if you reload the custom DTHs I would expect the devices to pair and work. But this only a short term solution.

Sorry, I couldn’t help you get them to pair with Edge drivers.

Mi sei stato comunque di grande aiuto per farmi capire alcune cose che non sapevo.
Se in futuro possa venire fuori qualcosa per i miei sonoff zegbee
Se te ne ricordi, fammelo sapere.
Comunque cercherò nella community di informarmi più possibile.
Ma e davvero strano che a te funzionano
ma a me non li rileva.
Grazie per la tua disponibilità.

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This is different to my experience.
I have tried pairing things very close to hub, paired them and then moved them.
When I did this I got poor reliability from the device.
My conclusion, rightly or wrongly, is that the device pairs with the devices closest to the hub as part of the zigbee mesh system. When you move the device further away it still tries to mesh with the devices it’s now far away from, and not the ones closest to it.
I have found it more reliable to pair the device where you intend to use it.
I believe you can force it to rebuild the mesh by powering down the hub for 30 minutes, but this felt a bit of a hassle to me.

I partial agree with you.

But I have devices that refused to pair with Edge Drivers unless they are near my hub. As an example I have a Z-wave relay in a 2nd floor ceiling light that was using a DTH. When I excluded it the only way I could get it to pair with the new Edge driver was to uninstall it and take it to the basement and pair it next to the hub. Then I had to reinstall it. I was a major pain but it worked. It has been very reliable and quick with the new Edge driver.

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Maybe meshing works differently for zwave?
I paired a zigbee 2 gang wall light near my hub to check it worked ok and driver worked. It did so I installed it in kitchen but reliably and response time were terrible. When I looked at the mesh route from the web interface I could see it’s first hop was to a desk lamp right beside my hub.
So I powered down that lamp for about 20 mins and the device built a new route to closer devices and then it worked fine.

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Ok. Ma i miei dispositivi l’HUB non li rileva proprio .
Grazie comunque.

A little bit differently when it comes to selecting a parent, but not differently in this regard.

Some devices may need to be paired close to the hub for any of several different reasons, that’s fine. This is called ‘bench pairing.”

However, you are correct that whether the device is zigbee or Z wave, if you then move it farther away, far enough so that it will have a different set of new neighbors as repeaters, you should then rebuild the network so that the device that was moved knows who its correct neighbors are. this is true for both zwave and zigbee.

For Zigbee, after you move the device to its new location, take the hub off power and leave it off power for about 20 minutes. Leave all the other zigbee devices on power. This will cause the other devices to go into “panic mode“ because they cannot find the hub. Then when the hub comes back on power, the other devices will rebuild their neighbor tables. This process can take a few hours so you may not see the results until the next day.

For Z wave, you need to run a Z wave repair utility in order to get the neighbor tables rebuilt.

FAQ: Zwave Repair from the ST app (June 2022)

Doing this should not affect the edge driver that the device is using. At least I hope it doesn’t, if it does, please let us know as that would be important information.

So it’s fine to do an initial pairing close to the hub. But you should rebuild the mesh if you then physically relocate the devices.