New Sonoff zigbee devices

Will the new Sonoff zigbee devices be supported natively as the basic zigbee is?
The devices will be apparently cheat , and if support is the same as the basic zigbee relay with no dth then they can take the xiaomi devices place, and maybe run locally.

Should be, I bought one Zonoff Zigbee v3 Switch on Ali for test and it connected to ST hub with no problems at all.

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It looks like the carry eWeLink branding. eWeLink has some devices already listed in the new app as compatible.

Door/window sensor and motion sensor work natively.

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Thanks. Just got a couple of the motion sensors and wireless switch. I tested the Sonoff ZB motion sensor using the eWeLink and it seems to work. Is there a device handler for the Sonoff SNZB-01 wireless switch (button)?

SONOFF SNZB-01 - Zigbee Wireless Switch

I don’t see a default DTH assigned. You might be able to try the zigbee button dth or one of the others to see if it works.

I have seen discussions on other boards, particularly reddit, that these devices do not support the poll control cluster for short polls. Can anyone confirm that?

yes, if you tell me how :smile:

Here’s the Contact sensor raw cluster data
01 0104 0402 00 04 0000 0003 0500 0001 01 0003

Here’s the motion sensor raw cluster data
01 0104 0402 00 04 0000 0003 0500 0001 01 0003

Edit: looks like Poll control cluster is 0020, which is indeed missing.

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It looks like we are getting support for some kind of Sonoff/eWeLink zigbee switches

eWeLink contact and motion sensors to work with hub v2, but couldn’t register temperature sensor (it is found just as “Thin” during search, but can’t get any other info from it.
Any idea how to make these work?
Thank you.

whats the pairing procedure ?

For the ZB motion sensors, it appears to be:

  1. open the device to remove the tab between the battery and the contacts
  2. insert the battery
  3. close up the device (optional, but means the battery won’t fall out
  4. hold the button in the pinhole until you get three flashes

The three I’ve got here all paired fairly quickly after that. I had an issue with the first one that I then repositioned and had to re-pair. The others I paired in situ and have been fine for well over a week now.

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Had no issues in discovering them in the app, just held the pair button and they popped in. To get the to properly work though you need to then change their Type. Pair them, then logon to the smartthings online portal, and change the Types to zigbee motion/temperature/humidity sensor… then repair the devices (by using the pair button on them), don’t delete them before repairing.

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I have a Device Handler for the SNZB-01 wireless switch (button), not perfect but it works, Battery meter not working but all the press, double press and hold are working, maybe someone will add the battery part for us. It will work until a better handler is developed.



My temp sensor keeps getting offline time to time, and its hard to get awaken … Can somebody write DTH for this ? My knowledge is not enough …

Yeah i see there is ewelink integration allready, too bad it doesnt have this temp/humidity sensor on it :confused:

Applied the DTH to the connected Thing but not working at all. No action on the button is detected.

My temperature sensor is working, unfortunately it doesn’t show decimal places. Can anyone redo the DTH, I am currently using the “SmartSense Temp / Humidity Sensor”

@darrenblanchard I tested another Sonoff SNZB-01 button. Still no luck to have it working. Is there specific procedure to follow?

SNZB-01 Connection RESOLVED! The procedures are as follows:
Once you’ve setup the device handler via SmartThings Groovy IDE, follow the steps to do Round 1 detection:

  1. Insert battery. Do NOT put cover back yet.
  2. Add device on SmartThings app … took some time to detect as THING. Rename and Save.
  3. Go to SmartThings Groovy IDE and change the Device Type to the Device Type to “Sonoff Zigbee Button”. Also update the label.
    Once the above is done, do the following for Round 2 detection:
  4. Use a Mobile Phone Pin to “reset” and wait for LED to flash.
  5. Add device on SmartThings app to scan for the device again. (Previously added device should NOT be removed).
  6. The renamed device will be detected and shown. Save the device.
  7. Put back the cover.

DONE! You can test the button and all 3 type of clicks will be detected without fail.