Can Sonoff devices be connected

I have been trying to find a Motion Sensor that will work with Smartthings hub, but at a reasonable cost.
I have seen the Sonoff devices, but not sure if they will connect and work with Smartthings.
Has anybody successfully connected and used the Sonoff devices.
If not what do you recommend ?
Any help appreciated.

Short answer: Yes, the Sonoff SNZB-03 connects and works with Smartthings. Once it pairs with Smartthings, you have to go into the IDE and change the device type to “Zigbee motion sensor”.

I have 3 of these running now. Performance has been good enough for me to order 2 more. There are several threads related to these Sonoff devices, but you have to scroll through dozens of posts to find the info above. Hopefully this saves you and others some hassle.


Thanks for the info. Fairly new to this game, so please forgive me for asking,

but, what do you mean by “go into the IDE” ? Not sure what the IDE is.

Many thanks.

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Click on “My Devices”, then click the device that was just added.
Scroll down to the Edit button and click it.
In the “Type” pull down menu, select Zigbee motion sensor, then update.

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First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“

The most popular sonoff devices are probably the wiFi based lighting controllers. If you flash the firmware on these, they can be used directly with the smartthings cloud, although that’s a fairly technical step.

But since you are talking about the motion sensor, that’s a Zigbee device which can be connected to a smartthings hub. It will not work without the hub.

As far as the IDE, that’s the web interface to your smartthings account.