eWeLink has officially integrated with SmartThings

Hey folks! We’re excited to announce the integration with Samsung SmartThings!

SmartThings consumers will have a wider range of choices of smart home categories and home automation devices. It is also more convenient for Samsung users to build a fully interconnect and interoperating smart home. On the other hand, eWeLink devices become compatible with the SmartThings app, allowing users to leverage the advantages of both apps.

Stay tuned for more details. You can find us on Twitter or Facebook.


Excellent news, thank you for your hard work, alot of users will appreciate it, myself included

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Okay, great. Does it mean that we’ll might get all these working with ST: https://ewelinkcommunity.net/device-lists/ ?

@eWeLinkapp can you clarify what this means exactly? You guys make a lot of devices across both wifi and zigbee under different brands (ewelink, sonoff, etc). Some of your zigbee devices have been compatible for a while. So is this:

  1. offical announcement of the sonoff/ewelink zigbee devices
  2. announcing future plans for zigbee devices
  3. announcing future plans for wifi device via a cloud-to-cloud integration
  4. something else

I’ve got it working and can confirm the WiFi devices below all now work in Smartthings.

Sonoff basic
Sonoff mini
Sonoff TH16 (but doesn’t display the temp)
Sonoff Pow


Are those all lights switches? Looks like the cloud integration is only listed under lighting and switches device options.

They are in-line switches so can be used for lights.
The TH16 senses temp & humidity and can switch according, (upto 16amps). I use it for switching the solar power to the separate heater in my hottub.
The POW monitors power consumption used by the device connected to it.

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Do you mean WiFi or Zigbee? They make both.

As the zigbee ones already work (there’s a separate thread on here) I obviously mean wifi.

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@Mikeyf79 did you have to pay for any special access to add your sonoff devices to ST?

None, its all now integrated.
Just goto add new device in Smartthings, select ewelink switch or light (cant remember which i selected). It will ask you to link accounts and then all existing devices get imported.


I stumbled around for a bit, thinking that I had to add a specific device. You really just need to select ewelink Smart Home from any of the device options.

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@prjct92eh2 Thanks for your comments. It’s a cloud-to-cloud integration.

The linking process is quite simple.
Add eWeLink compatible devices to the SmartThings app. >

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@Olli-Pekka_Kurppa Technically, you can add most eWeLink compatible switches, outlets, lights, Zigbee sensors.

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3 Gang Sonoff switches show up in ST as individual switches. Temp and humidity did not show up for me with Sonoff switches that have it. They show up if you flash them and use erocm1231’s handler and app.

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How are the Zigbee sensors handled? Is another hub needed (cloud to cloud integration) or are those directly connected to ST hub? I’m thinking about devices like Sonoff Zigbee door sensor.

WiFi sockets join by c2c as expected, would imagine zwave zigbee items join by either brand selection or general inclusion
Minimum would be c2c

Basically there is two connection types : eWeLink (direct connection, asks to press pairing button on device) and eWeLink Smart Home (asks to login to eWeLink cloud).
Lighting is cloud only. Motion, open/closed and Outlet are direct. Switch/dimmer has both plus Zigbee.
Does it mean that Wifi sensors or outlets could connect directly to ST?
@fido Have you actually connected Wifi socket using this? Type outlet or switch/dimmer selected?
I’m just trying to make sense all of this. Currently, I do not have any commercial Wifi devices on ST.

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I use a couple of wifi plugs that use the ewelink app, connected through c2c no issues although not all the available info available in the ewelink app is surfaced within ST


I just tested a Sonoff TH16 with DS18B20 temperature sensor. Switch response in SmartThings is functional and very fast.

There is no discovery of the sensor in SmartThings. The sensor works fine in the eWeLink app. This kinda makes sense because when adding a device in the SmartThings app (by brand, eWeLink), there are only 5 device types to choose from:

  • Lighting
  • Motion sensor
  • Open/closed sensor
  • Outlet
  • Switch/dimmer (which I chose when adding the TH16)

This is how the device appears in the ST IDE:

Name c2c-switch
Label Freezer Thermometer
Type placeholder
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