New Sonoff zigbee devices

I’ve paired several contact and motion sensors. Is there any way to get more controls for the motion sensor like strength, duration, etc?

I’d like to use the zb mini to control my light switches. According to the product page it’s not supposed to be put into a metal back box. Is this purely because of signal issues (Faraday cage effect), or is there some kind of safety aspect to it? I’d rather not have to change the back boxes.

I has to do with signal issues.
I have a z-wave relay in a ceiling light with a metal box and I had to extend the little antenna wire to stick out of the box to get it to work. And it is still a little slow to respond.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a go

Sorry to say kinda failed for me. Only can double press and hold. Both are recognized as a single press

It actually works as 3-buttons.
Button 1 - single click
Button 2 - double click
Button 3 - hold

Hi all, recently got 2x SNZB-03 motion sensors. Can connect them without issue to the V3 hub, however they won’t change status from “active”. Have tried various types of motion sensors within the IDE and reset them numerous times. Anyone else with this issue/ resolved?

**Update - after several more disconnects/ connects they seem to be working now…

Mine is in a metal box and it works fine. However it is 2 meters from the hub

I saw a guy on youtube put a wifi one in a metal box. I will try to put a zb one into a metal box, but have not yet.

How did you pair the contact sensor to smartthings?

I have. It works locally. The motion sensor and button do not work

I’m able to pair with my SNZB-04 but it doesn’t stay connected. Frustrating! Looking at the web device handler its using the Orvibo Contact Sensor. I think its a device handler issue. Any other Generic Handlers?

I’m running 10 of the SNZB-04s without any issues using the ewelink DH (Orvibo contact sensor).

I’ve had these running both directly to the hub and now via a couple of tradfri repeaters and all is working well.

Smartthings V2 or V3 Hub?

Im running a V3 hub

Thanks, I’m on V2 using ewelink DH (Orvibo contact sensor). Now the troubleshooting begins…

How far is the sensor from the hub?

1st within 15’
2nd within 35’

Both go offline

I did find my furthest ones from the hub could sometimes drop off but since I’ve been using the repeaters they have been rock solid.

I don’t think they transmit the strongest signal so you may need a repeater.

Thanks paulonthenet, for the price of the Tradfri I’ll try that. Did it pair up to the Smartthings hub with no issue?