Converting from V2 Smartthings Hub to new samsung connect?

Ive had the smartthings hub for over about 2 years now. Just recently got the samsung connect mesh wifi/hub for my home to replace my older smarthings hub since the newer Samsung connect can be used as a smarthings hub as well. My question is, how can i move all my sensors from one unit to the other without having to delete them from one and reconnect to other? Is there an easy way to do this? Thx for your help.

This is not possible

Nope, replacing/upgrading a hub means you start completely over “migration” steps are below.

Thank you for your help. Was hoping i could somehow back up the settins from old unit and restore to new one. You’d think Samsung would have this option on their devices.

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There have been requests for a migration tool for a long time. So far, there is no hint of coming out in the near future. ST is going to loose their customers as there is no advantage by staying with them. Not to mention the new Smartthings app is still not fully functional that I am still using the classic app for all my devices. I also have a set of ST Connect but I am not using it as my HA hub but just a test bed be a use of the trouble in migration. I guess I may move to Hubitat this year as they have a new version with promotion going on right now. Thanks for the gift card offer from Lowes for retiring the Iris hub which I got for free.