Next smartthings Hub on it's way?

Just talked to Amazon UK and they don’t know when they are going to get stock of some Smartthings items back in.
This leads me to think a new Smartthings hub is on it’s way.


Could be due to Samsung and/or Amazon pushing the Samsung Connect Home device which, from what I understand, is a Router + WifI Mesh + SmartThings Hub? This will compete with Google WiFi which you can’t get on Amazon (competes with Echo of course). The experts (I am a mere newbie here) have talked lots about this in other threads, here for example, but whilst it’s technically a “new hub” (i.e. a new device) it doesn’t seem to have any new funtionality.

I’ve been trying to get a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor.
Amazon doesn’t know if\when they will have stock. PCworld hasn’t got any and the stores by me(Solihull)
hasn’t got any. It could be a shortage of stock?

As for the Samsung Connect Home device. I won’t be buying it after smartthings let us 2016 TV
users down with the Extend. Once bitten, twice shy

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Try Argos. Most stores showing this as. “order for collection in 4/7 days” but some have in stock now (e.g.Salford).

Supports your “shortage of stock” point though.

Thanks I did try argos. They said that they MAY have them in stock in 7 days but can’t guarantee it.

Maybe it is a shortage of stock. But that isn’t good business to me.

Just saw your post “Supports your “shortage of stock” point though”

I was wondering if they were trying to reduce inventory with the $50 hub sale last week.

Amazon Germany\France\UK have all said they may have more stock in 3 weeks.
But couldn’t say if it will be the same price as of now.

Nope, no new hub around the corner.


Thank you for your fast answer :slight_smile:

Yep - definitive and helpful response. Thanks.

Such an informative answer.
At least it wasn’t the generic “sorry we have no date as of yet, but feel free to check out our blog for updates”

Surely there’s a roadmap of sorts…?

I have a motion sensor on back order from Amazon and they keep pushing the delivery date back and back.
Currys have no local stock and not available for delivery.
Argos have no local stock.

All very familiar and sums up how well Samsung are supporting Smartthings in Europe.

I would say that low or no stock availability is a “Feature” of Samsung SmartThings!!!

I purchased it when it first came out & is constantly difficult to source sensors etc with everyone out of stock -
probably at least a dozen times the past 2 yars when people have complained about struggling to get hold of stock - usually made worse when they drop the price by 20% for a time

Despite many hollow promises by SmartThings employees over the years, there appears very little appetite or resource made available to properly support ST outside of the USA.

Noticed a display stand and stock in my local Currys at the weekend. They had leaflets too offering installation services for home automation kit, including SmartThings. Might help some struggling to find stock.

Good. Like what would even be new in a new version? Enabling the USB ports or something?

Really baffled why these have no function. A Cellular communication usb device needs to be used with 1 of these at least so when the internet down, SHM can still communicate and we can use “at least” to arm/disarm etc.

Why (2) and they don’t even function?

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