Iris Motion Sensor 2nd Generation—how do I pair it again?

Ive tried and tried. I’ve searched, watched videos and still no luck. I have an Iris motion sensor 2nd Gen. It was paired with my Smartthings system. The battery died on it. I replaced the battery, and now I am trying to get it going again. No luck. So I removed it from Smartthings. I am trying to re-pair it with no success. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions?

I think there is a reset button under the battery panel. push it while you insert the battery

I tried that. Didn’t work

Remove battery. While holding down the reset button, reinsert battery to factory reset the device (hold until light comes up then release button). Then add device in smartthings.

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I have a few of these that go into demo, I found that if you remove it from ST first. it will reset.

Thanks all, I had it paired all long. There was a sensor 1 vs sensor 2 issue that I totally missed. Thanks for the help.

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do you guys get iphone notifications from these sensors. Mine is mute.

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did you end up figuring it out ?

Ok set up:

Yes, I got it working but no idea how. It was a complete slog compared to the old Lowes IRIS system.

I have a bunch of iris motion sensors - they pair fine with the smartthings hub, but most all of my smart home devices aside from a couple are not ST compatible. Most of my devices plugged into smart plugs are generic smart plugs that work with Google Home. My goal is to have automated scenes with motion that turn on a light for x minutes then shut it off after. I have attempted to use the virtual switch on ST classic and via IFTTT however my Iris motion sensor doesn’t show up in the IFTTT for Smartthings “any new motion” ‘if’ section - there are no devices to choose from. Any ideas? I would like to avoid having to go and buy a bunch of ST compatible plugs if I can!

I also have a ST button, but I’m guessing if I need ST compatible plugs then that won’t be much good either.