Iris Door Sensor IL061 and ST Integration

Does anyone know if the Iris Door Sensor IL061 works with ST. I see Lowes has it on sale for $11.24.

Yup. I’ve got a couple coming in a couple days. There’s a few other discussions on this. Have you searched the community?

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I searched the community for IL061 but couldn’t find anything.

No worries. Sometimes searching by a model number may not turn up much. Some of the discussions referred to them as L2, and others just as a new version. Regardless, they should work just fine.

I’m actually hoping their range/sensitivity improves a bit because I want to put one in a metal box. When the sensor shows up I plan on opening up the plastic case to see if it’s just a change in “packaging”, or if it’s really a new design.

I purchased these. I have setup the first one as per the instructions. I tried the ST app first and it just said ‘checking status’ constantly. Then I removed it and tried the ST Classic app where it says’Please Wait’ constantly and the. In the ST app it says ‘Checking status’ again.

Do you have any recommendations on how to get this to work?

I don’t have mine yet, but when you started the join process on the device did you see any colored blinking light? If I remember right, flashing blue meant it wasn’t paired and is in pair mode. A green flash meant that is was paired.

ST has been known to have had issues pairing devices, and/or it could be that it was discovered but as a “Thing” because the device’s “fingerprint” is new.

Look in the IDE for a device named “Thing”, or for anything new. If it’s there, then you may just need to change the DTH to ST’s default called “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor”.

You are my hero! It worked. I logged into the IDE and it was listed as type ‘Samsung TV’

Now I just need to get my First Alert ZSMOKE working :slight_smile: and do you know if the Iris RC8221 camera works with ST?

I setup one of these and the new motion sensor IL071 last night. Both paired as a thing. Manually set the IL061 to smartsense open/closed and the IL071 to smartsense motion sensors and the main functionality of both are working. however, the temperature portion isn’t working unless you manually tap the refresh button on the device page.

Try rejoining via the reset button on the device. Now that ST has it connected with the right DTH, the rejoin process will trigger a config and perhaps fix temperature reporting.

Cool, thanks! The zsmoke should join up fairly quick. The iris camera isn’t compatible with ST as far as i know.

I don’t see the fingerprint for the new devices in the SmartThings handlers. What makes you think they fixed them?

They didn’t fix anything yet.

Since you’re not removing the device from ST, just forcing a rejoin, that process will use the DTH you changed it to in the IDE; and that DTH has the config needed to make these work right (in theory at least). Your device will rejoin with the same zigbee ID but it will now use the updated DTH.

This DTH doesn’t have a Configure Tile, nor does it initiate the configure process if you change the settings because all that does is a temperature offset calc. The rejoin should force a configuration step. Monitor the device’s event log in the IDE, and you should see the configure event go through.

Also, you can create your own DTH and add in the fingerprint based on the Raw Description the device is showing in the IDE. That’s pretty easy to do too. Switch back to ST’s stock DTH once it’s discovered and joined.

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Actually just did that earlier today. Will give it a whirl tonight.

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Confirmed this worked. Going to remove the motion sensor and see if it adds correctly with the fingerprint I added to the standard smartsense motion handler.

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I purchased the 3rd generation iris contact sensors (IL061) on black friday to pair with smartthings. This thread has helped as it showed up as a “thing” and i changed the device type to “smartsense open/close sensor”. It seems the iris sensor is performing the same as the smartthings multisense, however it will not trigger a routine in the alexa app. ie. i have my contact sensors on doors and have alexa announce “xxxx door opened”. This works fine with the smartthings sensors, but will not work for the iris sensor. I opened the sensor in the alexa app and it is reporting open and closed immediately. Any idea why the iris sensor would not trigger a routine like the smartthings sensor?

I have had my sensor running for 6 days and it is already down to 89%. Has anyone else seen the battery draining fast?

wouldn’t worry about it unless it keeps falling that fast. It may sit at 89% for months.

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FYI, this fingerprint is now in the public device handler, so should add out of the box just fine


Does the temperature of the IL061 auto update now or does it still have to be manually pressed? Thanks.