Iris sensor (motion, temp, humidity) $13+tx ebay

I just wanted to share that I have been buying these used iris sensors (motion, temp, humidity) for $13+tx on ebay and they have been working great. these do not need an external device handler in the IDE as they work natively with ST.

the ebay seller also has great deals on other ST - Iris compatible devices.

disclaimer: i am not affiliated in any way with the seller; just a buying customer.

I can second this. I have one that I have used now for about 8 months. It never fails.

I previously purchased 4 from this seller. He says they’re used, but they actually were new, batterys included. All have been working good for like 6 months.

Can these be used with a micro USB or batteries only?

Battery only. Mine has been running for 7 months now on the original battery and it is in a high traffic area.

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this ebay deal still going

I think this deal has been kicked.

Still available. The seller is on vacation/holiday.

I just got two of these from them in the mail last week.

These are the best deal going for motion/temp/humidity. I even have one in my gun safe, and one in my chest freezer. Mostly to monitor temp and humidity.

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i keep this iris sensor on my ebay favs and there is a new batch of 200 available right now.

They usually sell out pretty fast, but with the holidays and cost of gifts for the kids money isnt as readily available. not sure where they are getting all this old stock from, but it is a good deal for everyone needing a motion-temp-humidity sensor.

I have one in every room and even the cat box/bed and dog house. cat wasnt exactly thrilled at first, but the dog didnt seem to care.

also, when i hard reset the hub, these are the first sensors to want to jump back onboard and reconnect without having to trip the motion like with the st sensors.

I have only had good luck with these sensors. Fast, long battery life, stable, plus humidity levels. Awesome.

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