New Iris Motion Sensor with Humidity Model IL071 Information [BETA DTH in post 2]

Good question!
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Great. Works like a charm. I have been looking for a humidity sensor for my basement. What a great added bonus.

Thanks for creating the DTH!

I would like to see the temperature as a decimal, not just the full degree rounded.

Can anyone point me to where I can edit the code to make so it updates (and displays) in .5F increments? If it increments as a decimal less than .5F increments would it kill the battery extremely fast?

Any Help would be appreciated.

I looked in the code… I was able to accommodate a decimal value “2.3” Offset but that’s about it.

Thank you

Looking at the code it seems to display the data that is coming from the sensor. I don’t think you can get the temperature to show the way you want.

EditI take that back, looks like it is getting the temp to two decimal places.

here’s a snippet from the log.

description: temperature: 17.80

Correct, but it gets rounded when the event is created by this statement on line 171:


I just did something similar for another ST user, so Ill give this a shot over the weekend.

FTY @g0fish

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@g0fish @Automated_House, here you go: (my weekend already started!)

Note that my region is in F, not C.

Jimmy, I made a copy of your code and made the following changes to mine:

  • Line 65 : changed to decimal
  • Lines 90 and 93 : made the tile 3 wide
  • Line 160 : removed (int) in 2 spots
  • Lines 164 through 168 : added to display 1 decimal position

If someone wants 2 decimal positions, just change line 165 where “3.1” is to “3.2”.

EDIT: I was a little too quick… without an offset this throws an error. let me fix that real quick.

EDIT: Fixed.


Thank you! When I first picked a standard DTH, I had two devices. One was a child health switch. Any idea what that is/was?

These are on sale for $20 through 1/2/19.

I’ve also cleaned up my DTH code. Working with to ST team to get it added as a new zigbee device type. :crossed_fingers:


Cool. Any idea when this will become stock code for ST and run local?

I’ve made all the requested changes, so hopefully now that people are back from holidays the pull request will be accepted. Running local would require hub firmware updates, so that could be a while (or never). I’ll keep you posted when things progress.


Official device handler went to staging today. Hopefully prod next week. :crossed_fingers:

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Excellent news, and great job putting this together for ST and everyone who uses, or will use, these new motion sensors. Thanks for your work!

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This is in production now. If it works, you’re welcome. If it doesn’t, contact support. :joy:

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I’m assuming it’s called Zigbee Motion/Temp/Humidity Sensor?

Yup, that’s the one!

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Is anyone having any trouble with this going offline for a while? I purchased one back in November. It was great for about 2 months. Now it goes offline for hours. It went offline at 5p and came back up at 7a today. It’s offline now.

Things I’ve tried. I deleted the device in IDE and rediscovered it yesterday. The battery shows 89%. If I pull the battery and put it back it, it seems to go online immediately.

I’m not having that problem, but your post is very timely. I just got notified that the battery is at 1%. Quite frankly I don;t really trust ST’s battery reporting, but until I switched to the new stock ST DTH, this wasn’t happening, but I don’t believe there’s anything different between @Automated_House’s and ST’s handler.

Yeah it uses the standard zigbee battery calculation. Mine hasn’t shown less than 100% yet. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

2 months post installation and my battery is reporting 89%.

I reset mine and put a Zigbee smart plug repeater in a hall. It has been working since. Mine is reporting 100% now (about 2 months).