New Hub Events in Logs

Has anyone seen this event in their hub logs? I never seen it before and my hub is spewing this same massage every 4 minutes. Thoughts?

raw:EE65000000000C0000000000, dni:EE65, normalActual:00000000, normalExpected:0C, aggressiveActual:00000000, aggressiveExpected:00

What is that device? It almost looks like some form of detailed debug logging was turned on. I’ve not seen anything like that, but I am seeing this junk for the first time every so often:

Yeah something went kaboom last night around midnight. I have all kind of weird things going on right now. None of my devices match that dni. Support said ‘it’s probably from a removed device’. I didn’t remove any devices last night when my hub started to throw this out every 4 minutes. It miraculously disappeared after I rebooted the hub this afternoon. But some of my problems stayed…I like your events too, how did you manage to put a switch on your hub?

I have no freaking idea. It just started showing up one day. I have a lot of ghost devices showing up, but they don’t show up like that.