Hub event log - can't find device

Hi all,

Hoping for a little help.

I’ve been looking for an event that I don’t think is being handled correctly while working with a device handler. It’s not something I can poll for as it’s a device generated event based on status.

I have come across this, which I think may be what I’m looking for, but I can’t find a device 38 in my list:


Any idea how I can match this to a device, please?

Many thanks,

How long ago did you publish the DTH?

The device that I think should be reporting a system event, according to its manual, has been installed with a device handler for a number of weeks.

From my understanding, zw device: 38 should correspond to a z wave device in the device list with device id 38.

Thanks. There isn’t a device ID: 38, in the list, which is why I’m asking.

Try re-publishing the DTH, excluding the device and then pairing it again.

Can you explain the reasoning?

I’ve checked all device ID’s on each of device displays and they all match up with the IDE table

Device handlers go stale after a while. One of the symptoms is devices that act like they’re pairing but never show up in the ide or app.

Thanks for the explanation.

All the devices I’m interested in are all working at the moment. I’m expecting an event to have been generated and I’m pretty sure I’ve not configured it to be handled correctly in the DTH.

I’ve been trying to track through the event logs and came across that event which looks like what I’m looking for but I cannot match it to device 38. There isn’t a device 38 in my list.