Where is the SHM in the new ST app?

I found a Samsung online help page which indicated that the SHM would be listed under “SmartApps”. It is not! In fact nothing is shown under SmartApps - just a blank screen. Also there seems to be no way to move devices from the default “unassigned room” to a subsequently created room. You can add devices to a room using “+”, but there is no way to bring/move existing devices from “unassigned”. Since all devices belong to “unassigned” initially after the migration why doesn’t the software ask you to assign them to a room individually or as a group?? So right now I’ve got devices floating around in “unassigned” which cannot be monitored because there is no SHM. Nicely done Samsung.

to add STHM, go to + (plus) in the upper right of the main dashboard or from menu > smartapps in the upper right) and select SmartThings Home Monitor

now, if you have run the migration tool in the classic app and have moved to the new app and there is no STHM installed, that may be a different story.

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Also, just so we’re all talking about the same thing: there is no “SHM“ in the new V3 app. There is an “STHM“ which has similar functionality but is different code. see the FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

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Could you pls explain how my Classic Routines (now Scenes) that used to include Security mode changes(SMH), can now be implemented in version 3(STHM)? Example, I had SIMPLE routine called “Sleep” that turned off lights and changed security mode from “disarmed” to “armed(stay)”. V3, the lights are turned off, but security mode no longer there.

I see how to do this with a V3 automation based on some trigger(time, device status, weather), but I’d like this to be a button push!!!


You’re correct that it’s no longer an option for scenes. It is, however, an option for automations.

So if you can use an automation instead of a scene, that’s the easiest way. It can still be triggered from a button push if you mean a physical button.

If that doesn’t work for you, the two main methods that people are using is either to always have the security mode follow the location mode, which may work as long as you don’t use any custom location modes.

Or use virtual switches, which can get a little complicated.

But first see if an automation will do it. Tap the + in the upper right on the main screen, choose automation, and try that.

You might also find the following FAQ helpful. It shows how you can trigger an automation just from a tile in the app, like the old routines.

FAQ: How to Run Scenes and Automations (New V3 App) (2020)

Yes, that’s exactly what I did. There is no STHM.

Thanks as always JD,
Floundered around a bit in the automations. Options for “IF” are time, device, member location, location mode, weather, security mode. What I’d like is none of these, just want to mash a button to execute.

I’m thinking the following sentence is borne of my confusion and hopefully adds some comic relief: If I could get the correct “IF” (button push), then I’m offered the desired “THEN” (to change the security mode).

I’m thinking location mode doesn’t work, as I can be home disarmed and home armed.

Do I need to wade into the deep waters of virtual switches to turn off lights and arm alarm??? Can I start whining now? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Definitely. :sunglasses:

Again, it depends on what you mean by “mash a button.“ If you mean a physical button like the smartthings button, you can do that in the If for the automation.

If you mean a tile in the app, then you have to see the FAQ I linked to and, yes, add a virtual switch.

Hi JD,

Yes, I’d like to push a tile on the app, not a physical ZWave switch(what I used to do under Routines, called it “sleep”) to turn off lights AND change security mode.

So sounds like its time to go to the shark infested waters and learn virtual switches. Is this a good place to start?: FAQ: Creating a virtual Device

Once (or maybe if) I can get the virtual switch working, I’d then go to automations under “IF” > Device Status and choose the virtual switch?

I guess its time to ask the embarrassing question. Is there a way to migrate back to Classic app and catch my breathe for a couple months?

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Yes, that FAQ is good, but at this point the only out-of-the-box virtual switch device type that is working with the new V3 app is “simulated switch.“ You’ll find that discussed in the “how to run” FAQ as well.

As far as going back, you can’t if you use the migration utility. :disappointed_relieved:

Solved problem by editing each device individually. This may all be academic though if the STHM cannot be found. I’ve contacted Samsung support regarding this issue, no response yet.

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The new V3 app has a lot of region locking which the classic app did not, so it may be a good idea to check and make sure that your location is correct. More than one community member has reported that for some reason the migration moved them into another country! :thinking:

Thanks. I don’t know how to check that, but will pass it along to Samsung support.

UPDATE: My street address is correctly reported by the app. So I’m guessing that’s not the issue.

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You can login at https://account.Samsung.com open your profile and look to see what country is assigned :slight_smile:

Country is USA which it should be. So I guess we have a mystery on our hands.

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If you call and speak with tech support, you’re likely to get a faster resolution.

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Huh. This is odd.

I checked account.samsung.com just to see what was there.

After logging in, the page that appears includes a box titled “SERVICES”.

Inside that box, it says:

    Samsung services (18)

    You don’t have any services. 

That seemed odd.

When I click on that box, it takes me to a list of “More Samsung services that you can join”, which includes things that I don’t use (like Bixby and Samsung Cloud).

But that list also includes SmartThings!?!

Under the list of services that I don’t use but could?!!?

What the???

For anyone else, does SmartThings show up on this page as a service that you’re using?

I assume it should, and I’m concerned why my Samsung account doesn’t show it! I definitely use my Samsung log-in for SmartThings.

I see…

Services you’ve used

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It seems there’s a very peculiar GUI bug that’s plaguing some instances of the new ST (threads about tiling, etc.). In my case it manifests as the SmartApps list not being shown. With some trial and error I was able to confirm that the app has the list, but just doesn’t render it correctly on the screen (media box, not a smartphone). I was eventually able to access individual list elements and step through them one at a time until I found the STHM. Once I found the STHM I made some changes and saved it after which it appeared on my home screen. Hopefully I now have it for good. I did notice that the STHM is not listed as a SmartApp on the graph web site. Is that a problem?

It is not shown on IDE.

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