New App - Arlo record from a Smartthings motion sensor?

On the old Smartthings app you could setup a custom smart home monitor in order to have a Smartthings motion sensor trigger a recording for x minutes with an Arlo camera. Has anyone found a way to do this in the new app yet? I don’t believe they have carried this functionality over since they do not have a custom smart home monitor setting. For now, I’m still using the old app because of this. I’d rather not use IFTTT if I don’t have to but I believe its possible through that.

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@blake.arnold @jody.albritton Can Anybody from Smartthings help answer this question ?

This is BURIED in the UI.

After you setup STHM (you wont see anything until you do)
tap on the SmartThings Home Monitor > Banner
(new screen) gear icon top right
(new screen) tap on the Security header
(new screen) tap on Set response

There you go… Record Video.

(…and for the record, my cams are Arlo Pros)

I mean - there’s some REALLY bad discoverability issues here. Bad enough to lead end users to believe:

No - they do, nobody can find it.


@nathancu thanks for the feedback. So I am able to find this in home monitor but there are a couple of problems.

  1. I have 2 motion sensors, one in the front yard and one in the back yard. This option only allows you to select one or both motion sensors to use and then you have to record on either one or both cameras. You cannot set it up to record front yard camera if there is motion in the front yard and record back yard camera if there is motion in the back yard (at least that I can tell).

  2. When you set to record you cannot set the length of time. Perhaps you could set this up in the Arlo app but again you are only recording on one or all of the cameras it seems (could be wrong here).

  3. You have to setup a home AND away sensor. I don’t want this to do anything when set to home, only away.

Still seems to me the original functionality from the original app is not there. Thoughts?

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I’m having the same problem, but unfortunately this solution didn’t work. I found below thread that has additional information and posted over there.

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