Arlo help!

Hi Guys,

Not sure if anyone can help at all?

I’ve recently got 3 Arlo cameras and need help with making it fit into my current Smartthings set up.

I have 1 camera in the back garden, 1 in the front garden and 1 in the lounge.

I’d ideally like =

Back Garden Camera - to notify me and record when it detects just motion (Too noisy outside my house, if I set up audio alerts they’ll be going off every sec)

Front Garden Camera - Near a public footpath so i’d like this to record from motion only but not notify me.

Lounge Camera - To record on all cameras and to notify me when it detects either audio or motion.

Is there a way of setting a ‘camera’ to smartthings without adding it as a motion sensor?
The front garden keeps recording any motion (which is good) but it also sets off my alarm which considering someone will walk past my house every 2 mins isn’t ideal.

I believe you can set / exclude zones for the camera view to trigger . I don’t have Arlo cameras, so I am not positive, but you should be able to set it so it only triggers motion if there is motion in a certain area.

I believe that is only partly true. I have 4 Arlo cameras. All of them are the battery powered ones. With those you can only set the PIR sensor sensitivity. There is no “video motion sensing”. I don’t know about the wired indoor only ones.

But did you know that you can select whether you use a sensor for security monitoring? Going to the app, Dashboard part of the app, choosing the gear icon, Security option, you can choose which sensors are used for Armed/Away and Armed/Home modes. If you also have the Arlo device handler smartapp, the camera’s sensors should show up as regular motion sensors.

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