New app and multiple locations... is it possible?

This likely ties back to ownership/permissions (ACLs) and the discrepancy between the SmartThings cloud and Samsung cloud.

Do you have a support ticket #? We might be able to sort it out but it’ll take some effort and back and forth.

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I have not put in a ticket yet, but I’ll do that now. I hope that support is a little faster though than my last ticket… which I put in more than 10 days ago and haven’t gotten a response yet on.

Ticket number is 695098 @Brad_ST. I noticed also that while automations still appear to be working (my Garage door opened when I came home) and Sharp Tools still seem to have access, Google Assistant does not allow me to access any devices in my home.

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Thanks Chris.

I responded to your support ticket but need some assistance from developers.

If anyone else has examples of their hub/devices changing locations after using the new app, please let us know.


@Brad_ST there have been several users reporting devices being split between two locations over the past few days

I remember two more. when I find their posts I will link them.


Thank you @jkp!


What is the best way to report this problem?

You can comment here but also report it to support for formal issue tracking.

Support request #695240

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Huge thank you to jkp for getting all of these collected into one place. I’m still fighting this and even have some stranger things happening now if there is an appropriate place to post more details… I have 110% honestly paired some of my Iris stuff back up and linked it to Alexa to keep the wife happy. Crazy how botched this is right now.

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I’m having issues that seem related. The new app created a new location for me that I can’t delete (tried changing the default locations for both my real location and the new/bad one). I have seen similar reports out there too. I also have some devices that seem to have just fallen off the network completely. They do not show up in a new discovery so they seem to be completely gone. My support number is vastly different than others but I wanted to add to the conversation, mostly to increase the visibility of the issue. If @Brad_ST can help, that’s great. My last (unrelated) support ticket with ST went 27 days before they called me 3 times in the middle of a work day and then closed the case for “inactivity” so I’m trying to take every avenue possible this time.

ST support/escalation number: 19022300616

I recently installed the new app just to see how it differed from the classic, and doing so appears to have created another location and set it as the default. Already went through the duplicate location thing a while back when I was moved from the SmartThings to Samsung IDE login. Similar to last time around deleting the newly created empty location wasn’t very straightforward, but I eventually managed to get it done. I used an incognito browser to log into IDE, renamed the location that has all of my devices connected to it, then set it as the default location (wasn’t able to do that prior to renaming it), after which I was able to delete the new location.

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The problem for most , if not all of people here is that devices are now split between two different locations. In my case hub was also moved to a new location. So unless Samsung support come through (which seems less and less likely) we will have no choice but to reset devices, move and pair them at the new locations and recreate all automations.

Same here @Brad_ST - all OK with mix of 12 devices plus variety of SmartApps configured in ST Classic. Been working well for ages. Made the mistake of starting the new App on IOS and now have 2 Home locations for one hub - one Home has the devices, the other Home has the mobile phones and SmartApps. Second mobile (also IOS) can only see the Home with the phones. SmartApps work OK but control is impossible. I’ve renamed the mobile phone Home differently but can’t find a way to move the SmartApps over to the new main Home location. Is this possible or do I just need to reconfigure? Not good - maybe needs a little more real world testing next time?!

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I just noticed that my SmartThings app for Android had been automatically updated, and that my Office location, Hub and devices disappeared while my Home location, Hub and devices has remained. The new Android App appears to provide no way to add a second location. It looks like my Automations for my office devices continue to work. @Brad_ST When I get home tonight, I will check the app on my IPad, which will not have been updated, to see if the old app still sees devices in both locations.

Same situation here, previously well working system via ST classic, one casual browse
in Samsung Connect created a moved hub and random devices to a new location, unable to
delete/move/restore to old situation. Ticket 697335. Thanks

@Brad_ST - unfortunately, my IPad WAS updated with the new software. So…I cannot see my Office hub and office devices from any of my mobile devices. Support ticket #697426

@Brad_ST You can add me to the list as well. Same issues as @GertR Got an email to check out the new app, so gave it a look, and it completely messed up my locations. Created a 2nd location called “Home 2” without a hub and deleted my scenes, split up devices, and moved all my smartapps to the new location. In my case all I need is the ability to move my phone under devices and all the smartapps back to “Home” and I’d be fine. Like others mentioned I can still use devices and smartapps, I just have to switch locations back and forth in the app, and Alexa won’t recognize some of my devices/smartapps. Was on the phone with support but they were unable to make any changes. Hopefully your engineers have the ability to go into the IDE and change things back the way they were.

Ticket 19022600608. Thanks

Short update but this is still a top priority internally and we continue to progress in regards to root cause analysis and mitigation steps.