Missing Devices Issues Migrating to New ST App


I bit the bullet and tried to migrate to the new ST app this morning. Some of my devices did not migrate. It appears my on/off light switches did, but NONE of my open/close sensors migrated. Has anyone had this issue? This makes it impossible to create automatons using them. Am I missing something?

Hi Bill, I just migrated yesterday also. My Classic app now shows ‘this location has been migrated…’. Aside from that, everything else in the classic app looks just like it did before… so I’m curious as to how you know that any particular devices did or did not migrate successfully?? Are the devices just not showing open the new app?

Ok… first thing to point out is the migration does not do anything with devices.

Migration does the following:
Migrates SHM and SHM custom rules in the Classic app to STHM and automations/scenes in the new app. SHM screen changes to managing STHM state in the new app and the old SHM is gone.
Migrates ST’s lock manager over to smart lock guest access in the new app.
Migrates routines in the Classic over to automations/scenes in the new app.
Editing of scenes in the Classic app ceases.

If devices do not show, the best thing to do is contact ST support and ask them to sync data between the two apps. You can check to make sure you do not have two locations and that some devices got moved into the second location… that is also possible.

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Correct. They are not there. They aren’t listed in Devices. It appears they are all open/closed sensors in addition to a few plugs.

Thank you. I will. Unfortunately, all of the missing devices are what SHM uses…

Check for a second location where they might have gotten moved into it. If that is the case, you will need to exclude/remove and re-add to the new location. If there isn’t a second location with those devices, contact ST support and request that they sync your devices between the apps. If they say they can’t - ask to escalate the ticket to a higher level support.

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Well it seems like the ‘migration tool’ does bring to our attention or inadvertently cause these ‘missing devices’ and multiple locations scenario that many users are reporting!

At least with my forced march to the new ST App, I avoided the migration tool since I am capable of manually doing what the migration tool reportedly automates. When I launched the new ST APP for the first time, I was greeted with 125 ghost devices (that never showed up in Classic or IDE) of which I manually deleted one by one in the devices view (until my fingers were raw)!

I then moved all the ghost devices that I could not manually delete :rage: in the new ST App into a special room named ‘Delete Old Devices’ and contacted ST Support via email a few days ago with a request to PLEASE delete them and referenced a similar request that I was instructed to include in my email #976951!

I received a response email the next day with:

Dear Kurt,

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

I hope you’re safe and healthy!

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I can understand how inconvenient it would be if the things are not in place. I’ll surely help you with the issue.

In regards to your e-mail could you please help us with the below details

  • Mobile model number and it’s OS version
  • SmartThings App and it’s version

Let me know and we can work from there!

Samsung SmartThings Support.

So, {banging my head} I complied with Navya’s request with my information, and the email response a day later was:

Dear Kurt,

Thank you for the details.

We’re investigating the issue so I request you to allow us some time and I’ll get back to you with the updates.

I apologize once again for the inconvenience caused.

Samsung SmartThings Support.

At this point on Day 4, ‘Chirp Chirp’ from the ST support center. It isn’t life or death that these 34 ghost devices be immediately deleted, but I like having my ST instance of active devices as accurate as I can, so fingers crossed that the support staff can perform this manual backend cleanup at some point in the fire drill.

IMHO, it would have been nice if they would allow users to delete ALL devices showing in the new ST App or IDE, since the new ST App happily shows these inactive ghost devices to users in the new STApp, but used to filter/hide them in Classic and IDE. It happily inactivates the ‘Delete’ capability in the new STApp devices view and causes you to either ignore their presence or reach out to the ‘over worked’ ST support staff.


I only have one location.

Well… I’m still sitting stuck in the middle of migration with no SHM due to all of my sensors not migrating or offline.

I entered a ticket yesterday morning and never receive any information on my case with the exception of the canned help ticked reply. I called this afternoon only to feel worse as the representative told me they’re too busy with other migration issues to give me any specific information related to my case.

I find this very frustrating because I have grown to depend on ST and now I’m sitting with no protection (SHM) for my home or family :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I received an email from ST support yesterday requesting I remove a device that is showing offline (in the new app) from the migration and try to add it as a new device in the new ST App. No luck, the new ST App won’t recognize the device to add it. I went back to ST Classic and was able to add it back. The device is a Monoprice open/close senor.

I’m also missing about 30 of my devices in the new ST App, not counting the ones showing offline.

One other odd thing: The devices that did migrate all show no room assignment., so I have tried to create rooms and assign them… no luck. It will not let me create rooms.

Any advice in regards to getting resolution to my issue? Going on day seven hung in the middle of migration with one email from tech support three days ago that resolved absolutely nothing…

Were you using custom device handlers for the devices?

Well… As soon as I posted here I received an email from support.

They asked if I could see the device that they requested I remove and add in the new app. I clearly stated in my reply to them three days ago that I could not see it in the new ST app. Included and working fine in the old ST app.

Then they proceed to tell me that Monoprice devices are not “works with ST devices” in the new app, apologized, and said if I need anything else to contact them. I have over 15 Monoprice open/close sensors. At $30 a piece they are no longer compatible with ST because they are forcing me to use a new app?!?!?

On top of all of this, I have ST devices that aren’t showing and will not include in the new ST app. They aren’t even addressing this issue. What kind of support is this?

I’m not sure where to go from here. I can’t afford to go buy all new devices! Any advice/help is appreciated. My opinion of ST is making a 180 degree turn from 100% satisfied to 0%.

No, no custom device handlers. Simply open the box, hit the + in the app, hit the pair button on the sensor.

I have 50 devices. The new ST app imported 19 of them. They are all GE light switches. It didn’t import anything else, buttons, smoke alarms, sirens, open/close sensors, or my virtual garage doors (MyQ Lite)

Contact ST support again and ask them to escalate the issue to a higher level of support

Ill try again, thank you!

I know it must be frustrating… Good luck.

Well… I got right through. They say it’s already escalated and all I can do is wait.

Yes, very frustrating! Especially when the tech is asking question I have clearly already answered in the previous email.

One thing I have discovered though… If I go to SHM in the new app and look at devices, they are there, but they show offline. IDE and Classic app show them online.

OK. Last post on this. Support says the new ST does not and will not be compatible with any of my devices that didn’t migrate. That translates to over $500 down the drain.

Looking into other Smart Home Platforms.