NEW: Aeon Home Energy Monitor v2 Device

I’ve created an extended version of the Aeom HEM ST device that works with the HEM v2.

It also includes complete reporting of kWh, Watts, Amps & Volts, and calculated costs - including high and low since kWh reset. Doesn’t need Polling() (sets each metric to report in reasonable frequency), and you can automate resetting by calling the reset() command.

Enjoy, and feedback is welcome

Here’s a screenshot


so tempting…

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Not sure if it is possible. Or even if it is needed. But, is there a way to store the data over a set period and to chart it for easy to glance use?

@theedpope This can easily be logged to xively

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Question, you stated that you can call the reset() command when you need to reset the meter, I am new with this device, how is that accomplished?

Well, you can either just push the Reset kWh button/tile, or write an applet that calls .reset() on a schedule (I use a modified version of Pollster that resets a list of power monitor devices at midnight every day).

Thank you. Did not realize the KWH button was also a tile that would issue the reset command. Guess I should have looked a bit more closely over the code :smile:

Hello there, and thank you so much for developing such a nice app!

I have a quick question: is it normal for one of the power readings to show negative wattage? My powerOne shows negative, while the other shows positive wattage. The total wattage then is the some of two.


You may need to flip your power sensor - some models of the Aeon HEM have little arrows on the sensors and the instructions note one needs to point Up and the other Down…not sure if it makes a difference which is which.

Thanks for the tip Barry. It was indeed a that one of the probe was pointing wrongly. Initially the screen didn’t refresh though and was still showing negative power on one of the probes. I fixed that by reseting the kWh in the application.

Great App @storageanarchy What does the little orange circle in the top right hand corner of the tile mean?

Also, how does the logging to Xively work @docwisdom ?

Raphael -


You can select which of the various tiles to displays as the App’s top-level tile by selecting among those with little grey circles at the top right (this is true for many devices).

Use the code mentioned above to routinely push the values to Xively where you can then view the graph or parse the data in some other way.

@storageanarchy Thanks so much for this device type code. It seems to be working properly, however some information is not displaying on the tiles even though it’s in the log.


Mine has the same issue.

OK, weird - just happened to me too…something must have changed in ST land. I’ll do a little checking to see what I can find…

I think I may have found the problems…try the new version and let me know (you may need to “reset kWh” after installing).

@storageanarchy This does not appear to have fixed the problem.

Bummer. Something must have changed in ST-land, since it has worked fine for so long.

Could you take a look at your device in the My_Devices display in the IDE, and then click on the device itself to check the various state.variables? There’s one for each of the value display tiles - what do the ones that show “–” on your phone show up as?

Does “Refresh” fix/change things? How about “Reset kWh?”

Oh, and just to be sure, did you exit the mobile app TWICE after publishing the updated device to yourself? If not, you could still be running the old version…

I just went through all the steps again, adding 2 closes, resetting and refreshing each time with the same result.

I may need to send a message to support. The data is all reporting and shows up in IDE just not in the tile.