Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter v2 Reporting Incorrect Readings


My HEM v2 is set up to monitor the entire house via CTs on the circuit breaker. The power in wattage is seemingly correct, however the energy, reported in kWh, is fluctuating around 120. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Also, I have another HEM set up and it is working correctly, however, is there a way to have it report energy readings at an instantaneous moment rather than a running total?

Here is the ThingSpeak channel for the whole house:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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it’s an interesting coincidence that HEM#2 kWh is fluctuating around 120 since in the US that is nominal voltage.
a. kWh is a totalizer by default I expect to accumulate. You would/could chose a time interval to compare successive differences in your totalizer stream, to get what you want (which is integration/summation of the power for a sliding window of time).

b. I expect your kWh reading has been somehow mismatched in your custom device type to be fed by the current voltage sample.

c. regarding your request to monitor energy (kWh) at a moment, “I don’t have a solution using ST” but perhaps you know that energy would have to be resampled for a sliding window of time, in order for that reading to make sense. “Energy” at an instant (or moment) is zero.

Your request might be more meaningful to monitor the instantaneous current but that is not much differnt from monitoring the power (KW).

I find the ST device types language so annoying that I would probably produce the derivative streams from device streams in - which also enables nice charting and logging. There are several threads for Grovestreams at ST forums so search those.

d. your thinkspeak link didn’t open on chrome. Was it supposed to?

I found a configuration option for this device using z-wave commands, which sets the energy calculation to “absolute” rather than “algebraic sum”. Found this here for configuration parameter 2:

And the ThingSpeak channel should be able to be viewed now, it was set to private.

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But the ThingSpeak channel should be public now