Aeon Labs Z-Wave Home Energy Meter - DSB09104 v1

I currently have the device handler Aeon labs tech support sent me. I am a nooby so I dont know what can be done or cant.
Is there a device handler that will allow me to reset the kwh by my billing cycle. Or any other suggestions.
For this version


Do you know how to use CoRE or webCoRE? Setup a timer and call the reset() command or the resetKWH(). I think that is it…

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better to record the total KWH at the top of every month, and subtract the previous month.

Some people are using IFTTT to record meters to google sheets. I am not familiar with a specific method.

I got very interested in checking the electric bill, and recorded the Aeon HEM v1 meter for many months. After 2 years I finally got around to comparing the records to the bill - within 1% for the last year. Monthly bills are fuzzy, each bill starts on a different day of the month, and I don’t know if it starts at midnight.

By recording the KWH without resetting, you eliminate the monthly billing-day uncertainty, and can get a yearly total KWH that will be as complete as possible.

That’s a good idea, I like that. I could make my own monthly cycle.
Have u Incorporated the meter into any routines?

not in my routines, doing monitoring and notification only. Notification is via Grovestreams - at a certain time of day when the house is usually unoccupied, if the lowest recent power is greater than X, then text me because I or someone else probably left a light or extra load on, and ST did not turn it off. Lately this does not work well because my wife is in and out of the house all day, so monitoring should probably be suspended.

Also FYI once or twice in the last 2-3 years, the HEMv2 (OOPS I HAVE HEMv2 not v1) (whether because of my device handler, hardware problem, or ST cloud antics), threw a junk power reading like 123456789 KW - so don’t expect perfection in your usage. That said, it has served well once the installation, configuration and monitoring was tweaked a lot in about a week.

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