Aeon Labs Power Meter Icons

Is there any way to change the device type so that the icons on the Things page (and/or the lights and switches page) will show the current power rather than “on” or “off”. I would still like them to be green when on and white when off, but want to change the words on the bottom of the icon to the current power level. I have these hooked up to in-window A/Cs that are digital and need to be turned on manually, so I usually try and keep the switches on so that it’s a one step process instead of 2. I want to be able to easily see which A/Cs are actually on without having to click on each tile separately. i.e. if it says 1W I know the switch is on but the A/C is off.

(Sorry for the double post but I realized after the fact that I replied to a post in the archive section)

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Well, I think I figured out it’s possible - I just have to figure out how to change the Aeon Home Energy Monitor or V2 (below) to add a switch to power on/off and delete the items not supported.

I think you want to customize the Aeon Outlet device, not my Home Energy Meter v2

Thanks - I think it’s actually the z-wave metering switch I’ll need to change, but it seems like even if I figure out how to get the power to show up on the main Things page, i will lose the on/off switch functionality from that page. My programming knowledge is pretty low, though, so maybe I am missing something.