Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter

Yes, and I wouldn’t doubt a new one with gen5 Z-Wave chip will be released soon to confuse things even more. Aeon doesn’t differentiate their versioned products well.

Yeah, at first the pictures looked identical for each unit. A closer look though revealed a AC cord for the higher priced one :smile:

I have the first version, and it’s pretty accurate. It can be battery or AC powered as well. The difference between the two are capabilities with v2. It does AMPs and a couple other things if I remember right.

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I have a V1 and I’m currently testing to see how accurate it is with the power company’s power meter. $30 was easy to drop on it to monitor my tenant’s energy use in a couple of outbuildings.

I only get kWh in 10’s so I can’t see a 1:1 comparison on the power company’s meter… I’ve logged 380kWh with it so far and the 10’s place still matches up… so if we figure that it’s off by 9, max, then it’s still ~97% accurate (It could be more accurate, but my sample is too small)… if I had 1000kWh and it still matches, we could figure it was at least 99% accurate.

I didn’t need to buy the V2 in this example, this proves that the V1 meets my needs.

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What smart app you use to operate this Aeon Labs smart energy meter ?

I’m not using any smartapps for my energy monitor use.

I’m using a custom device type discussed here:

Specifically, I’m using a cut down version of the app that Slowfoxtrot put together and posted here:

I now believe the meter to be ~95% accurate, by comparing my usage with the power company’s meter. It meets my needs just fine. I’m not sure if the Gen2 would be any more accurate.

I’m going to double check my install of the clamps to make sure everything is solid. Maybe I can get the accuracy up a little.


So, you use this device without smartapp and just device that appear on ‘thing’ menu ?

What version of version 1 of Aeon Labs ?
Aeon Labs DSB09104-ZWUS ?

DSB09104-ZWUS - yes.

I don’t have any need for a smartapp with this device. I suppose maybe you’d want alerts if energy spiked? Not sure. All the information I need is displayed in the device menu thanks to the people in that thread.

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thank you very much.

I just found ‘Energy Alerts’ smartapp for notification on wattage limit

Hi Erik,

Can you point me in the right direction for the most up to date Ver 1 code by chance for the Aeon Home Energy Monitor?

Thanks much!

Yep, I’m using what @Slowfoxtrot parsed down from the V2 code. I think all he did was fork the code from @storageanarchy and hide some unsupported info squares.



That’s the one I use too. Works great, I even wrote my own smart app logger that logs its data to a private SQLdb & has pretty charts :smile:

Hey guys,

Sorry to bother you guys as I’m not a serious coder, but I haven’t had any issues in the past creating SmartApps from code. I’m taking that parsed down V2 code from the link you provided (all 427 lines) and creating a new Smart App “From Code”, but when I hit “Create” I get the following error:

No signature of method: script14294150751122129033250.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script14294150751122129033250$_run_closure1) values: [script14294150751122129033250$_run_closure1@6e59349f] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

Is there something I need to tweak/edit to get this to actually save?

Thanks for all your help! Sorry in advance if it’s something simple I’m overlooking!


I don’t think this is a smartapp. It’s a device type you need to create.

Yikes – sorry about that. :slight_smile: Will try adding as a device type now.

Thanks! - Derek

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I just purchased the v1 for 25 off of amazon figured it was cheap enough to see if it would see my hub from the CB box, just wondering I’m only getting Watts KWH stays 0.000 is anyone else having the same issue???

Check out this code – this is the device type code I’m using that works with my Hemv1 hardware. The only issue I’m having now is it’s only updating values once every 5 minutes vs every 20 seconds.


Still only showing me wattage and a second one I bought doesn’t seem to work at all. Maybe there both defective hard to believe but I’m ordering a 3rd one just to see if the one that shows nothing is bad…

thanks for your help


I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s the device. If it’s showing you the Wattage in Watts, that’s instantaneous power. I think the device type samples that power (every 20 seconds, every minute, etc) and is supposed to automatically calculate the running total energy for the month in kWh.

At the end of the month, you reset the device and it resets the kWh back to zero and starts growing again. From kWh you can estimate your cost (i.e. 12-15 cents per kWh typically I believe).

Does that make sense? So it sounds like your hardware is working fine. It’s something with your device type? Maybe try deleting everything, starting it again and letting it run overnight?

Hope this helps - Derek

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Awesome, I’ll have to pick one of these up.