Netamo Welcome camera and Smarthings?

I am also using IFTTT and coRE for Netatmo Welcome, I got fed up with the presence sensors, they weren’t reliable enough, So virtual switch for each person in ST, an IFTTT rule for each person, Sonos notify to welcome each person and anyone new gets an “Hello I haven’t seen you before welcome” but this only happens if there are no alarms raised for unknown people, otherwise obviously its a burglar and at that point the house goes nuts. It works for me but it would be great to have a device handler or smartapp in ST especially with having the coolness of face recognition


I agree this feature is more annoying than helpful. I wish it would incorporate Alexa to be able to know who is talking to it sometimes. That could be useful. I have to say the facial recognition has gotten much better overtime.

Would love to see native integration into the SmartThings system. But knowing how broken Netatmo’s servers could be, I highly doubt that any sort of integration would be able to provide high availability, which is critical for security usages.

There’s an author for custom integration of the Netatmo Weather Station, I’ve asked if he would be able to provide any insight into the integration of this product as well.

I have it set up to recognize a face and flash my Aurora lights green. The lag is about 5-15 seconds.

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