Face recognition Smartapp?

Is there a way to have facerecognition into my Smarthome? What I would like to accomplish is to:

  1. Depending on who arrives home execute a phrase throught the speakers, like: Hello Fernando! or “Claudia has arrive”
  2. Execute routines

If so, wich camera? Wich smartapp?


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Nothing very reliable in a price range suitable for home automation yet, and nothing to integrate directly with SmartThings.

The netatmo “welcome” camera is intended to do this, but initial reviews have not been very good.

This is the technology that a lot of people would like to have, so I expect we’ll get it eventually, but at the present time it just doesn’t work very consistently.

If you do want to try the netatmo welcome, it has an IFTTT service/channel which would make integration with smartthings pretty simple that way:

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Thanks a lot for your quick answer!

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Sorry have to disagree with the review about the Netatmo camera not being very good. I have two and the face recognition after a couple of months training is pretty amazing. No direct integration with smartthings though, only via ifttt.

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Hi! Thanks for the workaround but I see 2 things:

  1. I would need to do it based on the location of the phones for each member, and having location in the background drains battery so, some doesnt like this
  2. The minimum range on the location based on phones in ST is a couple of blocks, not exactly when someone enters the house.

Im I wrong?


I’m interested in face recognition

Hi. Has there been any news yet?