Nest integration now available

Appears to be an issue on my iPad only. I’m getting feeds on my iPhone.

UPDATE: Oh this is a good one. The live feed issue is only a problem on my iPad when the iPad is in landscape mode. It’s fine in portrait.

Hazaa, no idea why I finally received a verification email but after another round of account chasing and email checking a verification email arrived, which, in turn allowed me to access the account with the camera, remove the camera and re add it in an already created Gmail account, migration failed saying the account already exists, yeah because I migrated already but… anyway, its working

I do like the fly out window feature that remains as long as ST is running in the background

Disappointed with this integration. Seems there, but half baked…

For instance, can trigger motion from doorbell using Automation, but can’t see the motion trigger in SmartApps (such as Smart Lighting). Also, can trigger doorbell in Automation and send a notification, but can’t send a snapshot from the doorbell camera. As well, the motion trigger doesn’t seem to be “Person” based motion events (vs just general motion).

Does anyone see their Nest Protects? Is Nest Protect coming?

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The nest protects aren’t supported but I sure hope they’re coming

Noticed today my Thermostat shows heating in Celsius and temperature in Fahrenheit, whereas yesterday they were both in Celsius.

I’ve notice that on my nest thermostat DTH, the state never changes from idle. Isn’t the state supposed to represent the heading state? In the automation, it gives me the options of cooling, fan only, heading, idle, pending cooling, pending heading and vent economiser. Is this a bug?

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Yay, now I have my nest hello doorbell integrated with Alexa for announcements when the doorbell is pressed and auto show live video on my echo shows when pressed :slight_smile:

Room sensors are not supported by the API so no smartthings support unfortunately.

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Another reason to use ecobee instead I guess

I’ve just got my 2 stats and my door bell and rear cam connected. The cams just sit on a loading screen on my tv

Pretty sure the nest cams have the same bug with Samsung TVs that Arlo cams do. Last I heard is this was being “prioritized” by the TV team.

Hope its not the same team in charge of fixing the non existant ‘ON’ command in most Sammy Tvs


That fills me with confidence. I’ve had lip sync issues with the TV since I bought it.

Do you keep the Hub camera on all the time? I schedule mine off during the day and on at night and when away. I’m wondering how motion sensing will work with that because it does still acknowledge when I walk up to it.

Also which thermostat do you have? I have 2 Gen2 for HVAC and in smart things it doesn’t read the state, so it doesn’t know if its actually running or not. Temp, mode, fan settings all work though.

I have this same problem and have been looking for a solution or acknowledgement of bug. Everything else works but I want to base automation off when my hvac is running and currently smartthings doesn’t see that, always on idle.

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I’ve tried to add my Nest Thermostat and no luck. I try to add the device (not found with auto search) and go through by Brand ->Next ->thermostat ->Next. I log in and connect to google successfully, but then I get right back to the previous screen and the device won’t add any more. If anyone has suggestions, that would be great!

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not sure if this will help…

i guess i am confused when you say it will not add any more.

I’ve had this experience with ST before on other products. In the apo you add, sign in and just land back to the previous screen. For me it worked when I tried again the next day. Clearing your app cache may help too.

After reading this thread I am glad I held off on upgrading my Honeywell to a Nest and will not be until and if these issues get ironed out