Can't invite member to home in smart things

When me and my wife try to connect our Smasung SmartThings accounts to the same Home and when she tries to invite me, we receive the following error:
“Your samsung account region issn’t the same as the person you invited (or sometimes a “try again later” message)”

I opened a ticket to be transferred to the same region as her and we sill can’t invite each other, and the answer to that was:

We received a reply from our developers.

We are sorry to say that there is currently no way for us to fix this issue unless you close your account and re-create it. Sadly, that is the only way to fix the region issue.

If you encounter any other unexpected situation and have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and our support team will assist you with all the necessary information.

Also, if you visit the Content & Services customer support website,, you will be able to find all Samsung Content and Services we are supporting in your country.

So only 1 of us can control the smart devices in the Home because the other can’t be invited… I have a lot of Samsung devices (TV, Sound System, AC, Watch, even the Buds) and as a loyal customer I find this unacceptable from such a large company that after changing to the same region, somehow my old region is still saved in the DB and i have to remove and re-create the account with the same email in order to change the region for good. Especially since I have this account for many years with purchases and a lot of backed up data in it (like cloud, themes, pass, health, store, profile, browser, etc) which I don’t want to loose.

Has anybody else had this problem or know another solution to it or am I at the mercy of these Samsung “developers” ?


I have faced the same issue a few years ago with one of the Samsung washers. I have moved countries a few times and did create the account in one of them. My wife created her account in her home country. The issue was the same, my wife’s account was in a different country.
I haven’t faced the issue with Smartthings, but only with Samsung as it was before I purchased the ST hub.
The solution what they offered was the same as yours, wipe the account and assign the same country. In the 21st Century when people move between countries and continents even this regional settings are a pain in the neck, but this is Samsung.
Google, for example, allows you to change your account’s country but only once a year. Their play store offers different for countries due to regulations.
I would set up a new account and would use ST with that. Probably your phone would allow to have two Samsung accounts in use, but I have never tried it. Give it a go, it is better than wiping your account.
Honestly, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be able to share things to anyone outside your region or country. Just imagine the situation. You have a flat for rent with ST, and somebody moves in who came from another country and rents the flat with your current smart home setup of SmartThings for a year until his work contract runs, but the person cannot use it due to this stupid regional lock… 21st Century and no mobility from the side of Samsung.

I agree completely with that you said, but nor my phone, Samsung S9+, nor my wife’s S10, don’t allow 2 Samsung accounts.
I even tried to see if I can make a SmartThings account by it self, not connected to a Samsung account, but they removed that possibility some time ago…

Stupidity from SmartThings at Best. Why would you do that. I can’t connect to my own home devices because my son who is a teen registered in his account. I called samsung and they change my region but it still doens’t work.

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I see a few issue with this response

  1. What were the developers thinking? Do they think people don’t move around?
  2. It’s been 3 years since the ticket was open. There was plenty of time to implement this feature. With all the resources Samsung has, can’t they find some people to work on this?
  3. The helpdesk said to close the account and re-create it with zero instruction on how to do this. The last thing I want is to go through all the trouble and still have the wrong location with the new account.
    4 “close your account and re-create it” ok why can’t this be done programmatically?

Anyone know if this has been fixed? Have the same issue today. Account country was wrong but I’ve had their support team update so both accounts are set to Australia and I still can’t invite.

Any solution yet?

I requested to change my account to same country and it still doesn’t work!!!

In 2023 at almost the end, the problems still exist. That’s why I LOVE APPLE!!! Zero issues! Samsung sucks big time at almost anything. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t build oven, washing machines and other home appliances… I setup my Home on my IPhone and when I try to add my wife to my home “…is in the other region…”! Unbelievable incompetence!

In January 2024, I contacted customer service and they gave me the same answer.
This is so stupid, I don’t want to lose my old DB !

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